Tropical Mango Smoothie Bowl

Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamin A, beta-carotene and potassium.
#Smoothie #Healthy

Mangoes provide vitamin B6, C and E.
A good tip for smoothie bowl, always add the liquid ingredient first, than add the fruits. By adding frozen fruit the smoothie consistency and texture will be thicker. Feel free to add any fruits or topping you like to satisfy your taste buds.


  1. Add coconut water or milk first to your Ventray Blender
  2. Add in rest of the frozen ingredients
  3. Blend using smoothie setting until texture smooth


  1. Blender


  1. 2 Cups of frozen mango chunks
  2. ½ cup frozen pineapple chunks
  3. ½ banana
  4. 1 cup coconut water; if you prefer creamier taste, use coconut milk or almond milk