Tips for When Your Masticating Juicer Gets Stuck

Are you tired of dealing with a juicer that gets stuck in the middle of your juicing session? We understand your frustration! To ensure a smooth juicing experience every time, this article will share some valuable tips to prevent and resolve this issue.

Understanding the reasons behind a stuck masticating juicer is the first step towards finding a solution.

Why Does the Masticating Juicer Get Stuck?

Several common culprits can cause a jammed juicer:

Insufficient Preparation

Failing to properly prepare fruits or vegetables, such as removing tough skins or seeds, increases the risk of jamming.

Overloading with Fibrous Vegetables

Inserting too many uncut fibrous veggies like celery or kale at once can cause clogging.

Large and Hard Fruits or Vegetables

Juicing large fruits or vegetables whole can overwhelm the juicer’s motor and cause it to jam. You should cut them into smaller pieces before juicing.

Neglecting to Clean

Not cleaning the masticating juicer thoroughly after use allows pulp or fibrous material to build up, leading to jams.

Not alternating hard and soft produce

Juicing only hard produce puts too much strain on the juicer’s motor. It’s better to alternate hard and soft fruits or vegetables for a smoother juicing experience.

Overloading the juicer

Feeding too many fruits or vegetables into the juicer at once can make it get stuck. Add ingredients gradually to allow the juicer to process them efficiently.

Improper Use of the Pusher

The pusher is designed to guide produce into the juicer without overloading it. Use the pusher gently and avoid forcing produce into the feed chute.

What Can You Do to Avoid the Masticating Juicer Getting Stuck?

Clean Immediately

Make it a habit to clean your juicer immediately after each juicing session. This prevents residual pulp, seeds, and juice from accumulating and creating blockages.

Utilize the Reverse Function

Many modern juicers are equipped with a reverse function specifically designed to tackle the issue of blockages. Activate this function if you notice the juicer struggling.

Chop Larger Pieces

Cutting larger fruits or vegetables into smaller, more manageable pieces facilitates their passage through the juicer.

Alternate Soft and Hard Ingredients

This method enables the juicer to consistently process different textures, reducing the risk of clogging. Experiment with various combinations to find the perfect balance for your desired juice.

Use the Pusher to Guide Ingredients

Gently guide the ingredients into the juicer using the pusher. This helps maintain a steady flow and prevents jamming.

Avoid Overloading the Juicer

Adhere to the juicer’s recommended capacity limits to maintain an efficient juicing experience.

Additional Tips

To further enhance your juicing experience, here are a few additional tips to consider:

• Regularly inspect and clean the juicer’s cutting blades and strainer to prevent build-up.
• Ensure juicer parts are correctly aligned and securely locked in place before starting the juicing process.
• Give your juicer short breaks during extended juicing sessions to prevent overheating.
• If persistent issues occur despite following these tips, consult customer service for further guidance.


Juicing should be a delightful, stress-free experience. By implementing these practical steps, you’ll enjoy a seamlessly smooth juicing journey. Happy juicing!

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