Save Big: Ventray Black Friday & Double 11 Specials – Grab Them Now!

Have you ever felt the thrill of finding that one perfect deal, where luxury meets affordability? We know that feeling all too well, and it’s about to get even better! This is the season to revel in gratitude and exceptional discounts. Ventray, as a token of appreciation for its ever-supportive customers – both old and new, is rolling out unbelievable discounts across various platforms during Double 11 and Black Friday. That much-coveted product you’ve been eyeing? Now’s the time to grab it!

1. Pro600 Blender

Achieve culinary perfection with the Pro600 Blender. Its multiple blending speeds and pre-programmed settings cater to diverse cooking requirements, making that morning smoothie both healthier and easier. Available at Walmart, The Bay, Bestbuy, Hongmall, and Macy’s with discounts up to a staggering 60%! Check the image below for specific discount details.

2. 408 Masticating Juicer

Delight in fresh, nutrient-packed juices with the 408 Masticating Juicer. Its slow press mechanism ensures maximum juice yield, and its BPA-free build guarantees purity. Available at Walmart, The Bay, Bestbuy, and Hongmall for prices as low as $99.9. Details below.

3. Convection Countertop Oven

Experience gourmet cooking with the powerful Convection Countertop Oven. It’s not just an oven; it’s a cooking revolution that’s 5X larger than most 5L air fryers. Originally priced at $299.99, now available for just $199.99. Details in the image below.

4. SM600 Stand Mixer

Elevate your baking game with the SM600 Stand Mixer. With its powerful hub and versatile attachments, it seamlessly blends ingredients to perfection. Snap it up for as low as $139.99. More details below.

5. Electric Indoor Grill

Turn your kitchen into a BBQ paradise with this versatile, compact grill. With its removable and interchangeable non-stick grill plate, making healthy and delicious BBQ has never been easier. Find them discounted at Walmart, The Bay, Macy’s, and Hongmall, with prices dropping to $89.99 and grill sets for just $189.99. Plus, you can snag plate accessories at unbeatable prices. Details on the picture below.

6. 809 Masticating Juicer

Power up your morning routine with this home-friendly slow press masticating juicer. Its 3″ angled easy feeding chute makes juicing a breeze. Look for discounts on Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s, and Hongmall, where prices can plunge to a mere $149.99. More details in the image below.

7. Ginnie Masticating Juicer

On-the-go? The Ginnie Juicer is your travel-friendly companion, ensuring fresh juice in seconds and a breeze to clean up. Catch them at Walmart, Hongmall, Amazon, and Macy’s with prices dropping to $49.99. Check the image below for specifics.

8. DW55AD Portable Dishwashers

Clean dishes effortlessly with the DW55AD Portable Dishwashers, enhanced with an air-dry function for optimal cleaning. Available at a discounted price on Walmart, Amazon, and Macy’s with rates starting from an astonishing $224.99. See image for more.

9. Cherries Shaped Scented Candle

Lighten up your evenings with the fragrant and charming Cherry-shaped candle. Perfect for stress-relief. Exclusively discounted at Hongmall with prices as tempting as $6.99. See the image below for the duration of the offer.

10. Multi-Angle Muscle Massager

Relieve those tense muscles with the deep tissue percussion of the Multi-Angle Muscle Massager. Priced as low as $79.99 post-discount. Details below.

11. BabyGrow 600 Baby Food Maker

Nurture your little one with the BabyGrow 600, the perfect baby food processor. With a built-in timer, healthy meals are just a button away. Catch it at Walmart, The Bay, Macy’s, and Hongmall starting from $85.99.

12. Baby Formula Dispenser

Make feeding times hassle-free with the flower-shaped Baby Formula Dispenser. Safe, BPA-free, and practical with four compartments, get it from Hongmall for an unbeatable $5.99 from its original $13.99.

13. Baby Food Storage Container

Store nutritious baby meals with this premium food-grade Polypropylene storage container. Keep homemade purées fresh and ready! Now only $5.99 at Hongmall.

14. Hot Pot Lid Handle Mitt

No more scalds or burns! Protect your hands with the high-quality cotton Hot Pot Lid Handle Mitt, now discounted to $2.99 from $14.99. Check out the image below for more.

15. BabyGrow 300 Baby Food Maker

Experience the all-in-one BabyGrow 300, ideal for steaming, defrosting, and blending. Make your baby’s mealtime simpler and healthier. Available at Walmart, Hongmall, and The Bay, prices start from $89.99. Image below provides more details.

16. Christmas Tree Stand

Secure your festive spirit with the heavy-duty Christmas Tree Stand, fit for both real and artificial trees. Macy’s offers this festive essential starting from just $84.99. Further details in the image below.

17. Iceberg Scented Candle

Elevate your ambiance with the elegant Iceberg Scented Candle. At Hongmall, witness the original price of $11.99 melt down to $6.99.

18. Shower Body Brush

No more scalds or burns! Protect your hands with the high-quality cotton Hot Pot Lid Handle Mitt, now discounted to $2.99 from $14.99. Check out the image below for more.

19. Halloween Skull Scented Candle

Set the ambiance with this exquisitely handcrafted, gothic-inspired scented candle, now available for just $9.9 from its original $21.99. Check out the image below for more.

20. Glass Coffee Dripper

Elevate your coffee experience with the Glass Coffee Dripper. Its simple pour-over brewing process ensures rich, flavorful coffee every time. Plus, with its natural walnut holder, handling has never been this stylish and easy. Grab yours at up to 55% off at Walmart.

21. Stemmed Wine Glass

Crafted from high-quality glass, this Stemmed Wine Glass is the ideal gift for wine connoisseurs. Find yours on platforms like Walmart, The Bay, and Hongmall for just $14.99. Details in the image below.

22. Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Embrace sustainability with the Ceramic Coffee Dripper. Not only is it reusable and eco-friendly, but it also reduces waste, providing a fresh alternative to disposable paper filters. Now at Walmart for just $11.99.

23. Frosted Dessert Glass Goblet

The high-quality glass and frosted texture of this Frosted Dessert Glass Goblet add a touch of sophistication to any dessert or drink. Now available for $30.99, down from $64.99 at Walmart. Details in the image below.

24. Coffee Dripper with Coffee Spoon

Discover perfect brewing with the Coffee Dripper with Coffee Spoon for a delicious and well-balanced cup of coffee. Snag yours at Walmart or Hongmall, down from $26.99 to a tempting $12.99.

25. Pasta Roller & Cutter Set

Craft delicious homemade pasta with Ventray’s stainless steel pasta maker attachments for your stand mixer. Choose from 8 thickness settings to get your desired sheet consistency. Don’t miss the 50% off at Hongmall, bringing the price down to a tantalizing $99.99. See picture below for details.

26. Skull Creative Candle

Safe and stylish, the Skull Creative Candle, made of thickened cotton material, ensures no burns while handling. Perfect for a touch of edginess in decor, it’s now available at Hongmall for only $9.99. See picture below for details.

27. Mud Monster Scented Candle

Add a quirky touch to your space with the handcrafted Mud Monster Scented Candle. With its wild bluebell aroma, it’s a humorous yet fragrant addition. Hongmall offers it at a reduced price of $9.99, down from $19.99.

28. Monsters Pasta Strainer

Make cooking fun with the Monsters Pasta Strainer. BPA-free and delightfully quirky, it’s a steal at Hongmall for just $8.99. See picture below for details.

29. Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover

Designed for painless removal without any redness, the Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover is a must-have for all to effortlessly maintain perfect brows. Snag yours from Hongmall for just $12.99.

30. Electric Foot File Callus Remover

Great choice to pamper your feet! The unique 360°-rotated filing heads of this Electric Foot File Callus Remover ensure no spot is missed. Available at Hongmall for a slashed price of $24.99 from the original $49.99.

31. Electric Foot Callus Remover with Vacuum

Upgrade your foot care routine with the Electric Foot Callus Remover with Vacuum. Efficiently buff away unwanted skin and let the vacuum suction do the clean-up. At Hongmall, it’s now only $24.99, down from $49.99. Check out the image below for more.

32. Christmas Tree Series Scented Candle

Ventray’s Christmas Tree candles aren’t just about the scent; they’re a decor statement. Grab yours from Walmart or Hongmall for only $5.99.

33. Champagne Coupe Barware Glasses

Toast to elegance with the twisted stem design and colorful glass of Ventray’s Champagne Coupe Barware Glasses. Available at Walmart, The Bay, and Hongmall, get yours for as low as $17.99. See picture below for details.

34. Personal Massager Wand

Explore comfort and pleasure with Ventray’s Personal Massager Wand. Perfect for releasing tension and exploring stimulations. Originally $129.99, Walmart now offers it for $69.99. Details in the image below.

35. Lemon Shaped Scented Candle

Freshen up your space with the delightful aroma from our eco-friendly lemon-shaped candles. Available at Hongmall, it’s a sweet deal at $7.99.

36. Pumpkin Shaped Scented Candle

Embrace the festive spirit with Ventray’s pumpkin-shaped candles, available at Hongmall for just $7.99.

37. Triple Skull Scented Candle

Set the perfect spooky ambiance with our triple skull candles that complement your gothic decor. Originally $18.99, it’s now available at Hongmall for just $9.99.

38. Upgraded Shower Body Brush

Elevate your shower ritual with Ventray’s dual-action body brush. Perfect for every skin type, get yours from Hongmall for a mere $10.99.

39. MK37 Stand Mixer

Baking enthusiasts, meet your new best friend. The MK37 Stand Mixer makes mixing and whipping a breeze. Available at Walmart or The Bay for as low as $89.99. Check out the image below for more.

40. Hex Dumbbell

Enhance your workout with the non-slip, hexagon-shaped Hex Dumbbell. Find your fit with weights available in various sizes. Exclusively at Hongmall, one pack starts from $59.99 and two packs for just $35.99.

41. Cheese Shaped Scented Candle

Ignite your senses with the alluring Cheese Shaped Scented Candle. Whether you prefer a mouth-watering cheese aroma or a calming bluebell fragrance, this candle has got you covered. Grab it at Hongmall for as low as $6.99!

42. Pear Shaped Scented Candle

Illuminate your space with a sweet pear aroma that not only smells delightful but promises to ease your stress. This cute, fresh-colored Pear Shaped Scented Candle awaits you at Hongmall for just $6.99!

43. Spaghetti Monster Colander

Make kitchen chores amusing with this monster-inspired colander. Perfect for pasta, veggies, or fruits, it’s a steal at Hongmall for just $19.99.

44. Monsters Pasta and Salad Servers

Mealtime just got a lot more fun! With a whimsical monster design, these servers are bound to be a conversation starter. Priced now at $11.99 at Hongmall. Details in the image below.

45. Fat Mud Monster Scented Candle

Deck out your space with a playful clay mud monster candle, ideal for birthdays or just to brighten your day. With seven colors to choose from, get yours from Hongmall at a slashed price of $8.99!

46. Christmas 4Pcs Scented Candle Set

Get into the festive spirit early with this enchanting set. Featuring Santa, a reindeer, a snowman, and a tree, each infused with the refreshing scent of English Pear & Freesia, these candles are a steal at Hongmall for just $8.99.

47. Cactus Shaped Scented Candle

Add a touch of desert chic to your decor. This cactus-shaped candle, fragranced with sage and sea salt, promises to transport your senses. Grab this exquisite piece at Hongmall for only $6.99.

48. 4Pcs Silicone Kitchen Utensils

Cook with confidence and convenience using these food-grade silicone utensils. Safe and easy to clean, the set is now priced at an unbeatable $20.99 on Hongmall. Check out the image below for more.

49. Acrylic Storage Rack Series

Organize in style with these sleek acrylic storage racks, available in a variety of colors. Whether you’re shopping at Walmart or Hongmall, get yours for an attractive price of $29.99.

50. Silk Pillowcase

Experience luxury with Ventray’s 100% natural silk pillowcase. Its smooth texture promises to kiss your skin goodnight and caress you into the most peaceful dreams. Now at an unbeatable price of $81.99 on Hongmall.

51. Tea Separation Cup with Straw

Enjoy your perfect brew with Ventray’s unique tea and water separation design cup. Crafted with high-temperature resistant silicone glass body and a polypropylene PP cover, this cup promises both style and function. Available in 15oz and 28oz, grab yours on Hongmall for just $19.99 after discounts. Details in the image below.

52. Battle Exercise Training Rope

It’s time to pump up your home workouts with Ventray’s heavy battle exercise training rope. Designed for strength training and muscle building, select from 3 sizes. Head to Hongmall and snag yours starting at just $165.59!

53. 3-In-1 Spa Shower Head

Elevate your shower experience with this innovative shower head, crafted to unclog pores, battle back acnes, and whisk away impurities. Once priced at $199.99, it’s now available for just $119.99 on Hongmall.

54. Pink Crystal Wine Glasses

Add a touch of sophistication to your table with French-style wine glasses. Radiating elegance with their pink crystal design, you can get them at an unbeatable price of $38.99 per set on Hongmall.

55. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle with Straw

Hydrate stylishly with this 24oz water bottle, perfect for infusing fruity flavors. Available in 4 radiant colors, it’s now discounted to a jaw-dropping $11.99 on Hongmall. Details in the image below.

56. Ceramic Coffee Mugs Series

Begin your mornings with a touch of class with these high-quality porcelain coffee mugs. Microwave safe and easy to clean, each set is available for as low as $21.99 post-discount on Hongmall.

57. Silk Sleep Eye Mask

Indulge in the smooth touch of 100% silk both inside and out with this eye mask. Ensuring a restful sleep, it’s now priced at a mere $31.99 on Hongmall.

58. 3-In-1 Candle Accessory Set

Enhance your candle experience with this polished stainless steel accessory set, now at a remarkable discount, priced at just $21.99 on Hongmall.

59. Thin Mud Monster Scented Candle

Bring warmth and personality to your space with this uniquely designed candle, available for only $9.99 post-discount on Hongmall. More details in the image below.

60. Irish Coffee Mug

Elevate your beverage experience with this high-quality frosted glass design mug, perfect for both hot and cold drinks. Previously priced at $42.99, now grab it for just $27.99 on Hongmall.

61. Scented Candles with Container

Transform any space with these organic soy candles, housed in intricately sculptured plaster containers. With 12 enchanting scents, these perfume-inspired luxury candles are perfect for every individual’s preference. Once priced at $22.99, it’s now just $15.99 on Hongmall.

62. Fitness Kettlebells Series

Elevate your workouts with these dynamic kettlebells. Ideal for various exercises from swings to squats, they are designed to enhance your muscle endurance and core strength. With a multitude of sizes and styles to choose from, prices dip to a tempting $89.99 on Hongmall.

63. Porcelain Dinner Plates Set of 4

Featuring a generous 10” diameter, these porcelain plates are versatile for every meal, from sushi to steak. Upgrade your dining experience without breaking the bank; originally $65.99, now just $45.99 on Hongmall. Check out the image below for more.

64. 8.5'' Large Salad Bowls Set of 4

Make your Halloween celebrations stand out with these vibrant 8.5” salad bowls. Whether you’re serving spooky salads or ghostly treats, grab the set for only $49.99 post-discount on Hongmall.

65. 11.5" Large Serving Dishes Set of 2

Serving has never looked this stylish. These 11.5″ dishes, adorned with an appealing pattern, are perfect for those hearty meals. Discounted to $57.99 from an original $77.99, you won’t find a better deal elsewhere than Hongmall.

66. 14oz Ceramic Soup Bowls Set of 4

Perfectly sized at 14oz, these bowls are the ideal companions for desserts, side dishes, or that comforting bowl of soup. Sturdy and chip-resistant, they ensure both style and durability. Head over to Hongmall to snag this set for an unbeatable $32.99.

67. Ceramic Cat Bowls with Metal Frame

Pamper your feline friend with these specially designed bowls, elevated on a metal frame for their comfort. Let your cat dine in style without straining their neck. Originally priced at $41.99, they’re now a steal at just $29.99 on Hongmall. Details in the image below.

68. Tilt Angle Ceramic Raised Cat Bowl

Elevate your cat’s dining experience with our Tilt Angle Ceramic Raised Cat Bowl. Its unique design ensures no morsel is left uneaten. Available in elegant shades of blue, grey, and white, it’s priced at a remarkable $22.99, down from $31.99, exclusively on Hongmall.

69. 24oz Soup Bowls Set of 4

Dive into comfort food with our retro-styled 24oz Soup Bowls. Perfectly sized for those hearty servings, these bowls are a blend of tradition and convenience, being both microwave and dishwasher safe. Now available on Hongmall for as low as $39.99.

70. 3Pcs Ceramic Mixing Bowls

From whipping up a quick salad to stirring a cake batter, our set of 3 Ceramic Mixing Bowls is a kitchen must-have. Made of healthy porcelain, this trio, sized at 4.25/2/0.5 quart, is now at a steal for just $44.99 on Hongmall.

71. 18oz Christmas Coffee Mugs Set of 6

Sip in festive cheer with our 18oz Christmas Coffee Mugs. Ideal for those cozy winter evenings, these matte-glazed mugs are perfect for all your hot beverages. Gift them or get a set for yourself at just $39.99 on Hongmall. See the image below for the duration of the offer.

72. 20oz Speckled Big White Mugs Set of 4

Celebrate mornings with our 20oz Speckled Big White Mugs. With their generous size and comfy grip, they promise to make your beverage time special. Now available at a discounted price of $41.99 on Hongmall.

73. 4-Inch Coasters Set with Holder

Preserve the beauty of your furniture with our 4-Inch Coasters. Adorned with unique patterns, they’re as decorative as they are functional. Now, a set of these can be yours for only $22.99 on Hongmall.

74. Colorful Pasta Salad Plate Set of 6

Serve in style with our Colorful Pasta Salad Plate Set. Each plate, available in 8in and 10in sizes, boasts a distinctive design ensuring no mix-ups at family gatherings. Get the set at an unbeatable price of $51.99 on Hongmall.

75. Colorful Soup Dessert Bowl Series

Add a splash of color to your table with our Colorful Soup Dessert Bowl Series. Crafted with smooth edges and a space-saving design, these bowls cater to every culinary need. Grab your set at an astounding starting price of $39.99 on Hongmall. Check the image below for specifics.

76. Ramen Bowls with Chopsticks & Spoons

Relish authentic Japanese cuisine in our 7.2″ Ramen Bowls. Complete with chopsticks and spoons, and designed in pristine white porcelain, they add a touch of elegance to any dining setting. Now at just $26.99 on Hongmall from its original $35.99.

77. Butter Dish with Lid

Keep your butter fresh and spreadable with our Butter Dish with Lid. Featuring a silicone seal and an acacia wood cover, it effortlessly marries style with functionality. Grab yours on Hongmall for as low as $26.99.

78. 7.2-Inch Ceramic Utensil Holder

Let kitchen clutter be a thing of the past with our super-sized Ceramic Utensil Holder. With ample depth, it can store larger kitchen tools, ensuring a neat countertop. Available on Hongmall for a slashed price of $37.49.

79. 30oz Salad Serving Bowls Set of 6

Be it soups, stews, or salads, our 30oz Serving Bowls hold them all generously. Styled to perfection, they promise that every meal feels like a feast. Originally priced at $79.99, they’re now just $60.99 on Hongmall. More details in the image below.

80. Ceramic Cat Food & Water Bowls Series

Give your feline friends the royal treatment with our Ceramic Cat Food & Water Bowls. Elevated and tilt-designed for effortless eating and drinking. Now on Hongmall for an unbeatable price of $23.99.

81. Adjustable Fitness Bench

Achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your home with our Adjustable Fitness Bench. Tailored for diverse workouts, it’s adjustable from -30° to 90°. Originally $249.99, it’s now just $199.9 on Hongmall.

82. Colorful Nesting Bowls Set of 3

Mix and serve with our artisanal Colorful Nesting Bowls. Each with a unique pattern, they’re as functional as they’re gorgeous. Available now on Hongmall for a steal at $59.99.

83. Porcelain Ramekins Bowls Set of 6

From oven to table, our Porcelain Ramekins Bowls are the epitome of versatility. Lead-free and chip-resistant, they’re a kitchen essential. Snag yours on Hongmall for an astonishing price of $22.99. Details below.

84. 3oz Coffee Cups with Saucers Set of 4

Sip your espresso with sophistication. These porcelain coffee cups not only ensure the authentic aroma of your brew but also retain the warmth, giving you a perfect shot every time. Now just $35.99 on Hongmall, down from $43.99.

85. Butter Dish Set with Lid & Knife

The perfect companion to your breakfast table. This butter dish isn’t just about storage. With a porcelain lid, measuring lines, and a specially designed groove for the accompanying wooden knife, it’s convenience redefined. Available on Hongmall for a steal at $29.99.

86. French Butter Dish with Lid

Bid goodbye to hard, unspreadable butter. Our French Butter Dish keeps your butter at the ideal consistency for every spread, every time. Head over to Hongmall to grab yours for a discounted price of $25.99.

87. 16"/14"/12" Platter Series Set of 3

Hosting made easy. These platters, with their ergonomic design and raised edges, ensure that you serve with style without the mess. Get the entire set on Hongmall for just $49.99. Check the image below for specific discount details.

88. Self-Watering Plant Pots

For the plant lovers and the forgetful waterers. These pots self-hydrate, pulling water from the elegantly designed beaker-shaped glass tank. Reduced from $41.99 to $35.99 on Hongmall.

89. A-Frame Dumbbell Rack Stand

Gone are the days of cluttered workout spaces. Organize with elegance using the heavy-duty, matte black A-Frame Dumbbell Rack Stand. Now available at a discounted price of $129.99.

90. 30oz Pasta Bowls Set of 6

From soups to stews to pasta, these bowls are your all-rounders. With a generous 30 oz capacity, they cater to every culinary need. Grab them on Hongmall for a discounted price of $64.99, down from $73.99.

91. 12Pcs Christmas Dinnerware Sets

Bring holiday cheer to every meal. Crafted meticulously, these dinnerware sets brighten up any table setting, ensuring festive vibes all season. Now at $129.99 on Hongmall, down from $145.99. Details in the image below.


Unwavering quality, unbeatable prices – that’s the promise Ventray brings this Double 11 and Black Friday. These are not mere discounts; they are a testament to Ventray’s commitment to its customers. With every product you purchase, you’re joining a family of satisfied customers. Dive into this shopping fest, and let Ventray add a touch of luxury to your everyday life. Thank you for your trust in us, and here’s to many more shared moments. Act fast, and grab your favorites today!

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