Rotisserie Fork: Perfect Rotisserie Chicken Made Easy in Ventray Oven

Are you a fan of store-bought rotisserie chicken, but worried about the health risks that might come with it? Sure, they’re convenient and delicious, but there’s always that nagging feeling about the quality and additives used in those pre-packaged birds. What if I told you that you could make the perfect rotisserie chicken at home, ensuring not only a mouthwatering taste but also peace of mind when it comes to the ingredients used? With the Ventray oven and a trusty rotisserie fork, this culinary dream can become your reality.

What is a Rotisserie Fork?

Before we delve into the process of making the perfect rotisserie chicken at home, let’s first understand what a rotisserie fork is. A rotisserie fork is a specialized cooking utensil designed to secure meat onto a rotating spit for even cooking. It typically consists of two prongs that pierce through the meat and a means to attach it to the rotisserie spit assembly.

How to Make the Perfect Rotisserie Chicken with a Rotisserie Fork?

Before you embark on your culinary journey to create the perfect rotisserie chicken, make sure you have the following essentials ready:

  • Chicken, giblets removed and patted dry

  • Salt and additional seasonings to taste

  • Oven-safe twine

  • A sharp knife or pair of scissors

  • Rotisserie fork

Step 1: Trussing Your Chicken

Trussing is the art of tying your chicken securely to ensure it cooks evenly. To truss your chicken, follow these steps:

  1. Take your oven-safe twine and find the center.

  2. Starting from the top, slide the middle of the twine down to just under the wings.

  3. Cross the twine over the top of the breasts.

  4. Bring the strings down and cross the twine under the tip of the breasts.

  5. Loop the twine around the top of the legs and cross around the back.

  6. Wrap the drumsticks several times until firmly secure.

  7. Tie the legs together with a double knot.

  8. Trim off any extra twine with scissors.

Step 2: Install Rotisserie Spit and Forks

Now that your chicken is securely trussed, it’s time to prepare it for the rotisserie:

  1. Insert the rotisserie spit by passing it through the center cavity of the chicken.

  2. Install the rotisserie fork onto the end of the breast, making sure the prongs penetrate the meat.

  3. Secure the forks by tightening the screw until it’s just finger tight. Be careful not to overtighten.

  4. Turn the chicken to work with the legs.

  5. Secure the rotisserie forks into the drumstick meat, using the twine to assist you in holding the legs onto the forks.

  6. Tighten the screw of the second fork to ensure a secure hold.

Step 3: Install the Rotisserie Fork into Your Ventray Oven

With your chicken securely mounted on the rotisserie spit and forks, it’s time to cook it to perfection:

  1. Carefully install the rotisserie fork into your oven.

  2. Turn on your oven and select the “Chicken” preset setting.

  3. Press the rotisserie rotating control button to activate the rotisserie function.

  4. Keep an eye on the first few rotations to ensure your chicken doesn’t touch any part of the oven cavity. If needed, reposition the forks so that the chicken spins evenly.

Why Use a Rotisserie Fork?

The benefits of convection cooking in a Ventray oven include faster cooking times, energy efficiency, and consistent results. The rotisserie fork enhances these benefits by allowing for even cooking and helping achieve that perfect rotisserie chicken every time.

Using a rotisserie fork in conjunction with the convection cooking of a convection oven offers numerous benefits. The convection cooking evenly distributes heat, resulting in a beautifully browned and crisp exterior while keeping the meat tender and juicy on the inside. The Rotisserie Fork ensures that the meat rotates steadily and cooks evenly, eliminating any worries of uneven cooking or overcooking.

Where Can I Find a Quality Rotisserie Fork for My Ventray Oven?

You can find a quality rotisserie spit for your Ventray convection oven on the Ventray website. They offer a range of accessories, including the rotisserie fork, designed specifically for use with their ovens. Visit their website at HERE. This fork is designed to fit seamlessly with Ventray ovens, ensuring a perfect fit for your cooking needs.


Now that you know how to make the perfect rotisserie chicken at home with the help of a rotisserie fork and your Ventray oven, you can put this delicious dish on your menu tonight with confidence. The ease and convenience of using these tools will not only simplify your cooking process but also elevate the quality of your meals. Say goodbye to store-bought rotisserie chicken, and say hello to homemade perfection. Don’t wait any longer; take the plunge into the world of homemade rotisserie chicken and enjoy the culinary delights it has to offer!

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