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Stay home and bake. enjoy this fun way to practise social distancing
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After all those Bake-Off episodes and Netflix’s amazing cooking shows, now it is finally your chance to put this knowledge to practise. From a positive perspective, this coronavirus has given us a lot of times to reflect back, to try something we never found times for. To bake these amazing cookie recipes you bookmarked and saved. This is a time like no other, bake and makes something delicious. This is the best way to stay home, stay positive and fight through this pandemic.

During the process of baking, starches gelatinize to set the cookies’ crumb and sugars caramelize to brown the cookies.
Here are a few important tips for you to try, and they should also answer many of your baking questions.


The Right Pan
(1)Rimeless “cookie sheets” works better for sturdy textured cookies. But rimless cookie sheet bake cookies faster, so you have to stand by and watch your cookies carefully to reach the perfect browning.

(2)Rimmed baking sheets’ raise edges divert hot-air currents from the cookies to the top of the oven.

Flimsy sheets of either type will result in overbaked cookies

What Rack to Bake On
(1)Always use the middle rack to bake, when you have just one sheet of cookies at a time.

(2)Use the upper-middle rack and the lower-middle rack positions if you are baking two sheets of cookies.

Closer the rack is to the bottom of your oven, the browner the bottoms of your cookies will be.

Avoid Uneven Baking

(1)When baking two sheets of cookie at the same time, always switch their positions halfway through baking.

(2)Cookies with finicky textures, baking them one sheet at a time so heart circulates around the sheet evenly for the entire baing time.

The best ovens all have hot and cold spots, rotating the sheet is essential. Make sure the cookies in front will now be in the back of the oven.


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