A blender is considered one of the most popular small appliances in the kitchen. You can make anything including smoothies, protein drinks, hummus, soups, and more all your own by using this versatile Ventray professional blender. However, getting the most out of your blender could be a challenging task for you if it is new to you. Go through the following guide to find out all information you need.

Important steps to follow when operating your countertop blender

1. Place your blender on a solid, flat surface.

2. Make sure the blender is plugged in, clean, and in working condition.
Always make sure the bender is clean and plug the power cord into a grounded wall outlet. Keep your hands dry to avoid safety hazards when handling electrical appliances.

3. Remove the lid and put the ingredients inside the container
Fill the jar with your ingredients. Make sure to put some solid items and add some little liquid inside. Refer to put your ingredients in this order if desired: liquids, softer ingredients or powder, hard or frozen ingredients. Top it off with ice, if using. It’s a good idea to get a little liquid near the bottom to get everything going fast and easily.

4. Secure the lid, cover it tightly
Always keep the lid tightly closed or the lid will come off when blending, and the contents will splash and strain walls and floors. You can remove the lid plug while blending to add ingredients.

5. Switch it on and blend
When you are ready to blend, you can press the on/off button to activate the Ventray blender. You can blend your ingredients by manually selecting the appropriate speed or using the 5 pre-programmed settings (the blender will run through the program for the preset time and speed.).

6. Open the blender and carefully pour out the content
Once you are satisfied with the thickness and consistency of your blended food, pour the contents into a container or glass. Now you can enjoy your favorite milkshakes, smoothies, frozen treats, soups and so much more with Ventray’s top-of-the-line blender.

7. Clean and maintain the blender
When you are done with the blending process, you will need to thoroughly clean it.

For container: Rinse the container jar under running water. You can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the bottom and fill the container half full with clean water, run the blender, pour content out, rinse and drain.

For blades: Remember to wash the blades as they may tend to retain what was being blended. When washing the blades, be extra careful, because it may cause cuts.

For the lid and lip plug: Separate the two parts and wash parts in soapy water, rinse and wipe dry.

For the motor base: Unplug the motor base from the power source before cleaning. Do not put the base into the water. Wipe the motor base with a clean soft cloth. Dry completely before storing.


We hope these seven steps can help you operate your blender well. When using your blender, avoid blending when the top is open. It is not safe to use a broken blender. Keep your blender in a safe place, when you are not blending.

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