Have you been wanting to start using your SM600 Stand Mixer but haven’t known where to start? Wonder no more! In this blog post, we’ll go over the basics of how to use your mixer, from attaching the bowl and beater heads to dough hooks, and everything in between. By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll be ready to get started with all sorts of mixer recipes! So let’s get started!

How to Use the Mixing Bowl

1. Lift up the tilt head lever, the mixer head will now move upwards. 

2. Place the mixing bowl cover into its body. 

3. Place the mixing bowl into its holding device and turn the bowl clockwise until it locks into place.

4. Mount the required attachment(Dough hook, Beater, or Whisk)by inserting the top into the output shaft, and turning counterclockwise until it locks into place.

5. Now, fill in your ingredients. Do not overfill the bowl – the maximum quantity of ingredients is 1.5kg. 

6. Lower the mixer head using the tilt head lever.

7. Insert the power plug into a properly installed AC120V 60Hz safety power socket. 

8. Adjust the machine using the speed knob to a speed between 1 and 6 (corresponding to the mixture).

9. For pulse operation (kneading at short intervals), turn the knob to the “PULSE” position. The knob has to be held in this position according to the desired interval length. When the knob is released, it returns automatically to the “0” position. 

10. After kneading/stirring, turn the speed knob back to the “0” position as soon as the mixture has formed a ball. Then remove the power plug. 

11. The mixture can now be released with the help of a spatula and removed from the mixing bowl. 

12. The mixing bowl can now be removed.

How to Use the Included Mixing Attachments

1. Dough Hook

For mixing and kneading yeast doughs.

Levels: 1-3

Time (Min): 3-5

Maximum: 1000g flour and 538g water

Operating Steps: 

Set speed to 1 for 30 seconds. 

Set speed to 2 for 30 seconds. 

Set speed to 3 for 2 – 4 minutes to form a cluster. If continuous operation is over 10 minutes please stop mixing and take a break.


2. Flat Beater

For normal to heavy mixtures such as cakes, creamed frosting, cookies.

Levels: 2-4

Time (Min): 3-10

Maximum: 660g flour and 840g water

Operating Steps: 

Set speed to 2 for 20 seconds

Set speed to 4 for 2 minutes and 40 seconds


3. Wire Whisk

For mixing eggs, egg whites, heavy cream.

Levels: 6

Time (Min): 3-10

Maximum: 3 egg whites (Minimum)

Operating Steps: 

Set speed to 5 or 6 for 3 – 10 minutes

How to Use the Multipurpose Attachment Hub

1. Insert the attachment shaft housing (Pasta maker, meat grinder, vegetable slicer) into the hub, making certain the power shaft fits into the square of the hub socket. If necessary, make the pin on the attachment housing fits into the notch of the hub rim when in the proper position.

2. Tighten the attachment hub knob until the attachment is completely secured to the mixer.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about getting started with your SM600 stand mixer. With these tips under your belt, you’ll be whipping up delicious treats in no time!

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