A multifunction cooker such as a versatile electric grill can make your life easier when it comes to cooking every day.

Electric grills are the easiest and most convenient way to grill. They’re easy to use, clean, and store. With an electric grill, there’s no need for charcoal or propane gas tanks. Just plug it in and start cooking delicious meals indoors. Plus, it has a sleek design so it looks great in any kitchen – whether you have a modern space or more of a rustic vibe going on at home. Your electric grill has many features that will allow you to cook like a pro. 

Enjoying your electric grill is all about learning how to use your electric grill to its full potential. We’ve created a simple guide for using your electric grill. It’s easy and will make cooking on your grill much more enjoyable. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to cook all kinds of delicious meals in no time at all.


1. Prepare

a. Remove the plate and lid from the packaging, wash them in water, and only use a soft cloth or cleaning sponges. Let all plate, lid, and other parts dry before using.    

b. Plug the power cord into the wall socket and you are ready to use your cooker. (Note: Make sure the voltage which is indicated on the machine matches the local voltage before connecting the machine.)

2. Preheat

Always preheat the grill before cooking on it. This ensures even cooking throughout and prevents food from sticking or burning.

Adjust the switch to the range from “LOW” to “HIGH”, start preheating, the indicator light will light up. Do not cover the lid while preheating.

3. Brush Cooking Oil

Be sure to brush some oil on the grill and both sides of the meat before cooking so the food doesn’t stick or burn while cooking.


Step 1: Place the grill on a flat surface in an open area.

Step 2: Plug in the electric cord to get it ready for use.

Step 3: Pre-heat it to the desired temperature. Here is the recommended time:

Steam grill pan: around 4min.

Optional accessories:

Takoyaki pan: around 5min

Couples pan: around 5min

Deep pot: around 5min

Step 4: Select the appropriate plate or pot before preheating, put the food inside the plate, then switch on the machine, flipping it every few minutes until cooked through. Season your food with salt, pepper, and any other spices you like. 

Note: Only use a wooden or silicone spatula to flip or stir the food. Do not use a metal spatula or sharp appliance.

Step 5: Check regularly so that nothing burns or sticks to the pan.

Step 6: When finished cooking, turns the switch to the “OFF” position and let the device cool down before cleaning.



Temperature: 212-266°F / 100-130 ℃, suitable food (for reference): Pancake and cakes.


Temperature: 320-392°F / 160-200 ℃, suitable food (for reference): Hamburger, red bean cake.


Temperature: 374-482°F / 190-250 ℃, suitable food (for reference): Barbecue, grill, Takoyaki, hot pot, steam.


• Steam grill pan: Steaming + grilling

A combination of steaming and grilling that will revolutionize your cooking experience. It lets you steam vegetables while searing meat for delicious flavor combinations that are sure to impress.


• Deep pot(optional): Grill + stir-fry + roast + slow cooking + steam + hot pot 

It has a deep pot that allows you to cook all sorts of delicious food, including stir-fry, roast, slow cooking and more. You can even use it as a steamer or hot pot.


• Takoyaki pan(optional): Takoyaki + roast meatball 

With this unique pan, you can easily prepare Takoyaki or roast meatballs in minutes! Takoyaki are delicious Japanese snacks made from batter and cooked in a special mold until they form into balls with octopus inside! Roast meatballs are great tasting appetizers that will be loved by all of your guests at any party or event.


• Couples pan(optional): Hamburgers and other foods

With its unique design that lets you cook two foods at once, perfect for couples who want to cook together so you can spend more time with your partner and less time waiting around for your food to be done.


• It is important that you clean the machine after each use to prevent an accumulation of grease and avoid unpleasant odors.

• The machine must cool down and unplug from the outlet before cleaning.

• Do not immerse the machine in water or wash it under a waterspout.

• Removable plates and pots can be washed, only use a soft cloth. 

• Clean the machine’s outer surface of the appliance with a damp cloth.

• Do not use any abrasive cleaner or sharp utensil to clean the plates, pots, and lid, as scratching may weaken it and cause shattering.

• Let all removable accessories and surfaces dry thoroughly.


• Temperature, food type, and fat content all have the potential to increase smoke output, try to use oil with a high smoke point.

• Try to remove as much fat as possible from meats.

• Adjust to the suitable temperature level according to your specific needs.

• Don’t overcrowd the plates with food as this can cause uneven heating and slow down cooking times.

• Thoroughly clean the grill plates after each use.


• Don’t touch the lid, plate, or any part of the appliance when cooking. 

• Before cleaning, ensure all the cooking plates and pots have completely cooled down.

• Do not clean the plate or pot at a high temperature with water or detergent directly.

• After cooking, switch to the “OFF” position.

• Make sure there is no water and other objects on/near the heating plate or machine. 

• The cooker may emit smoke and odors with first-time use under normal operating conditions, which will soon disappear after 5 minutes.

• Never leave your device unattended while in use as it may overheat if left alone for too long which could damage its components or start a fire.

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