Ventray slow press masticating juicers offer the best combination of high juice yields and long-term durability at a reasonable price. Due to the slowness in the juice-making process, your juice barely loses any nutrients, vitamins, and color. If you don’t know how to assemble your Ventray juicer, look no further because here we will be sharing the step-by-step Ventray juicers assembly guide today. Once you are familiar with the process, assembling your juicer is a breeze.

Important steps to follow when setting up your Ventray juicer

Top-set assembly

1. Firmly insert the compression silicone into the slot below the pulp spout.

2. Assemble the strainer into the rotation wiper then place this assembly into the juicing bowl ensuring the red/white dot on the strainer is aligned with the red/white dot on the juicing bowl.

3. Place the juicing screw into the strainer. Turn and press down on it until it clicks into place.

4. Place the drum lid onto the juicing bowl aligning the red/white dot on the drum lid with the red/white dot on the juicing bowl. Turn clockwise to close, aligning the red/white dot on the juicing bowl with the close mark on the drum lid.

Top-set to base assembly

1. Place the bowl on the base so that its grey arrow lines up with the black arrow on the base.

2. Open/Close mark on the top-set.

3. Place the pulp cup under the pulp spout.

Things you need to be careful about

To avoid any accident, you must take some precautionary steps. Below are some measures.

Check the parts and make sure all the parts are clean: Be sure all the parts especially the power cord, are in proper condition. A damaged power cord may cause a fire.

Remember to turn off power: Always pull off the power cord before you assemble or disassemble any parts. When the juicer is running, do not try to assemble any part.

Away from Water: Don’t assemble near a water source. Always assemble the machine with dry hands.

Remember to use a food pusher: If food becomes lodged in the opening, use a food pusher or another piece of fruit or vegetable to push it down. When this method is not possible, turn the motor off and disassemble the juicer to remove the remaining food. Do not put your fingers or other objects into the juicer opening while it is in operation.

Away from children: Do not assemble near unsupervised children.

Steps to operate your Ventray juicer

1. After preparing the ingredients, plug the power cord into a ground wall outlet.

2. Press the FORWARD/ON button to operate.

3. Insert the prepared ingredients one piece at a time.

4. Switch the juicer OFF after juice and pulp are completely extracted.


We hope now you know how to assemble and how to operate Ventray slow press masticating juicer. You can now add fresh fruit and vegetable juice to your diet! Follow the above instructions carefully and enjoy your Ventray juicer to the maximum.

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