When the Ventray slow press masticating juicer completes the task of extracting the juice from the pulp, you are able to get 100% healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable juice to drink. This juice can either help boost your immune system, detoxify the body, or as a weight loss diet.

Preparing your fruits and veggies for juicing and extracting the juice is a fun and enjoyable part of the whole juicing process. However, cleaning the juicer doesn’t seem to be that pleasant.

In this article, we’ll see how to clean a juicer step by step. Once you master this process, cleaning a juicer can be fun and easy.

Important steps to follow when cleaning your Ventray juicer

1. Switch off and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. To avoid danger, the first step when cleaning your juicer is to remove the plug from the electrical socket so that you do not get any unpleasant accidents.

2. Turn the drum lid counterclockwise to open. When moving the appliance, always lift the appliances by grabbing the base or handle for a stable movement.

3. Place the bowl on the base so that its grey arrow lines up with the black arrow on the base.

4. Remove the juicing screw, strainer, and rotation wiper unit from the juicing bowl. Make sure to take all the parts apart so you can get into the hard-to-reach areas and properly clean away hidden bacteria polluted places with the provided cleaning brush. Clean the juicer immediately after each use will make cleanup easier.


5. Place the juicing bowl under running water and unplug the compression silicone to clean the pulp spout. You can soak the juicing bowl in a solution of warm water with baking soda or a little bit of bleach to clean the excess buildup.

6. Wipe down the rest of the juicer with your wet sponge or damp soft cloth. Be sure to move the sponge or cloth around the entire machine to get a thorough cleaning.

7. Dry all the cleaned parts. Place the parts of the machine on a kitchen towel or rack to dry. You can also use a clean dry hand towel to wipe all the parts dry.

8. Reassemble the juicer. Be sure all the attachments are dry before reassembling them. Then you can fit them back together.

9. Start juicing again. Now you have known how to clean a juicer, you can start enjoying freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juice again.


Knowing the steps of how to clean a juicer will help you have a spotless juicer to do the job right for you to make healthy juice each day that you and the entire family can enjoy. Keeping your Ventray juicer always clean and sparkling will help you get 100% healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable juice. After all, you deserve it. Now that you know how to clean your Ventray juicer, it will always be ready to give your juice a fresher taste provided maximum nutrient-rich extraction.

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