Christmas Gift Guide for New Parents

Get the perfect gift for new parents
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Christmas day is approaching, and people are busy shopping for gifts for their loved ones. If someone on your list is a new parent, the best gift for him or her would be something that involves not only the parents but their children as well. VENTRAY is here to give you a little inspiration.

Newborns rely on their parents to bring them to this world and are dependant on them to survive in the world. Parents take full responsibility for baby care from breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, diapering, to anything tiny or big that matters in their life. Anything pertaining to their child, parents will treat seriously and cautiously including their child’s nutrition. It is especially crucial when breast milk or milk powder does not provide enough nutrition for their infant.

Making original healthy baby food by the parents themselves would be the picture-perfect solution for these baby-focused parents. Creating your own baby food from scratch is no longer a troubling or time-consuming effort with VENTRAY’s Baby Food Processor (Baby Grow Plus). Using the Baby Grow Food Processor is simple. Just cut the ingredients into small pieces and put them into the steaming basket, add water into the tank, and set time for steaming. Pour the steamed food back into the device for blending. After blending, you will have natural healthy baby food and it is ready to serve with no other steps needed.

Baby Grow Plus is the second member of the Baby Grow family. It’s a multifunctional baby food processor that combines five functions into this portable body, including steaming, blending, reheating, defrosting, and sterilizing. Compared to its younger brother, the Plus version is upgraded with optimized components to shorten the preheating time and bring out more efficient steaming.

Adopting maternal-and-infant-friendly PP and BPA-free plastic, we take the sacred responsibility for the health of each little baby. Adjustable timer (0-25 minutes) works with four modes to cook your ingredients such as meats, vegetables, seafood, and fruits. Precise time-controlled steaming helps keep the vitamins and flavours maintained. The powerful blending blade precisely blends the food into creamy purees for a delicate taste.

Parents are always trying their best to prepare the best for their newborns. They would like to prepare baby food by themselves if time allows rather than have store-bought baby foods with hidden ingredients and preservatives. Steaming is recognized as the best way to maintain nutrients, flavours, and vitamins in the food. This is the number one recommended way for new parents to introduce different healthy natural food to their loved little ones. Let alone it became so easy and quick to achieve with Baby Grow!