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Back to School 2022: The Best Small Appliances for College Students


Going back to school can be a hectic and expensive time for college students. There are so many things to think about and buy, from textbooks and school supplies to new clothes and furniture. But one thing that’s often overlooked is small appliances.

Small appliances can make life much easier for college students, whether you’re living in a dorm or an off-campus apartment. They can help with things like laundry, food preparation, and cleaning. And they don’t have to be expensive.

Here are some of the best small appliances for college students:

1. An indoor electric grill for when you get homesick for your backyard BBQ.

An indoor electric grill is a great way to bring the taste of home-cooked food to your college dorm or apartment. Grilling is a healthy cooking method that can help you avoid the dreaded “freshman 15.” Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your roommates and make new friends.

2. A mini oven master for when you need a break from the dining hall.

mini oven is perfect for college students who want to eat healthier or save money by cooking their own meals. It’s also great for those late-night study sessions when you need a quick snack.

3. A countertop dishwasher so you don't have to waste your time hand-washing dishes

countertop dishwasher is a space-saving appliance that can be a real lifesaver for college students. It’s perfect for small apartments and dorms, and it can save you a lot of time and energy. Dishwashers use less water than washing dishes by hand, so they’re also more environmentally friendly.

4. A luminous SPA massage shower head to relax after a long day of classes

massage shower head can help you relax after a long day of classes. It’s also great for relieving muscle pain and tension. And it’s a whole lot cheaper than going to a professional spa! And it’s great for saving water so you can help the environment too.

5. A juicer or blender to make healthy smoothies and juices

Juicing and blending are great ways to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, even if you’re short on time. A juicer or blender can also help you save money by making your own healthy snacks and beverages instead of buying them from the cafeteria or campus vending machines.

6. A stand mixer for when you want to bake cookies or cupcakes

stand mixer is a must-have for any college student who loves to bake. With a mixer, you can make homemade cookies, cupcakes, breads, and other treats with ease. It’s also a great way to impress your friends and roommates.

So, whether you’re a student heading back to school or just in need of an upgrade for your current kitchen situation, we hope this guide has helped you discover the perfect small appliance for your needs. From blenders and juicers to grills and ovens, there’s something for everyone on this list. And remember, even the simplest of appliances can make a big difference in your college experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your new small appliance today!

Back-to-School Nutrition Tips and Recipes

Back-to-School Nutrition Tips and Recipes

School is just around the corner. Welcome back, rushed mornings. Welcome back, scholars. The new school year means new routines for kids and an organizational shift for adults – an opportunity to rethink ingrained habits and develop healthier ones. Whether your kids are returning to school or learning remotely from home, having a few easy and delicious recipes can make it easier for them to stay nourished.

5 Nutrition Tips for Back-to-School

Getting your kids to develop healthy eating habits can be a challenge. Here are some simple tips to keep your kids energized and nourished.

1. Eat a healthy breakfast daily

When kids go back to school, it’s getting harder and harder to find time to eat a healthy breakfast because they want to use the last minute of the morning to sleep. But, having a healthy breakfast containing protein can be a key to their success in the classroom. Try an omelet, cheese, and yogurt to boost protein intake and have sustainable energy throughout the day.

2. Don’t forget healthy after-school snacks

Try to prepare healthy “energy” snacks for your kids before they get home from school or participate in extracurricular activities. Snacks should include good carbohydrates and protein to help your child refuel before dinner. These can include veggie sandwiches, whole-wheat rolls, hard-boiled eggs on an English muffin, bananas and peanut butter, or a healthy assortment of dried fruits.

3. Encourage food exploration

Leading your child’s attention to the color, shape, aroma, texture, and temperature of food is a good way to get them excited about food. In the long run, being familiar with a variety of foods will make them more likely to enjoy a wider range of healthy options.

4. Get kids involved

At the market, let them pick fruits and vegetables. Let them choose between cheese or yogurt. Give kids a list of pre-approved recipes, and let them put their stamp on the treats.

5. Drink water

Water is essential and has many benefits. And everyone, including your kids, needs to drink plenty of this life-giving substance every day. There are recommendations for water intake according to age.

  • Children Ages 5-8: Five (8oz/ea.) glasses of water each day or 40 ounces
  • Ages 9-12: Seven (8oz/ea.) glasses of water daily or at least 56 ounces
  • Ages 13+: Eight to ten (8 oz./ea.) glasses of water or at least 80 ounces

9 Back-to-School Recipes

To help you plan ahead, we’ve picked 9 back-to-school recipes (including hearty breakfasts, filling lunches, and after-school snacks) that adults and kids can enjoy.


The kids will love these quick and delicious back-to-school breakfast ideas and get their morning started right.

#1. Cheese omelette

About the cuisine-

This cheese omelette is easy to make and great for breakfast. Your kids will love omelettes and nothing makes them happier.

View full recipe

#2. Fruit and yogurt smoothie

About the cuisine-

Your kids will love this delicious yogurt smoothie! You can replace strawberries with any other berries or fruit your child likes.

View full recipe

#3. Scrambled eggs with oats

About the cuisine-

This super easy protein-packed recipe will definitely get your child’s day off to an energetic start!

View full recipe


These healthy back-to-school lunch ideas will have the kids looking forward to returning to the classroom.

#1. Cheeseburger cups

About the cuisine-

This simple and delicious dish is made with convenient ingredients and only takes a fraction of the time. Your kids will go crazy for these cute lunches.

View full recipe

#2. Grilled cheese, ham, and apple sandwich

About the cuisine-

A terrific sandwich recipe! Your kids will enjoy every bite of this combination of melty cheeses, crispy apples, and smoky ham.

View full recipe

#3. Easy chicken strips

About the cuisine-

These crunchy oven-baked chicken strips are life-changing! A delightful dish to make your child’s time at school happier.

View full recipe


Try these healthy and easy-to-make snack recipes to make the kids satisfied until dinner time.

#1. Fruit and nut flapjacks

About the cuisine-

A classic fruit and nut combo with seeds, oats, and agave syrup. These flapjacks are a match made in heaven. The perfect snack for your kids.

View full recipe

#2. Pita bread pizza

About the cuisine-

This easy-to-make and delicious pita bread pizza is perfect for after-school snacks, sleepovers, or Friday night movies.

View full recipe

#3. Spiced-up potato chips

About the cuisine-

Turning an ordinary bag of chips into an irresistibly delicious treat to keep the kids feeling Energized when their get home from school.

View full recipe


Getting ready for school is a family affair, not just for the kids but for the parents as well. Lessen the stress of weekdays with these quick, easy, and delicious back-to-school recipes to keep the kids satisfied, whether they’re taking them to school as a lunch box treat or enjoying them when they get home.

10 Easy HelloFresh Meals You Can Make with Ventray Grill in 30 Minutes or Less

10 Easy HelloFresh Meals You Can Make with Ventray Grill in 30 Minutes or Less

If you’re looking for some easy and delicious HelloFresh meals that you can make in 30 minutes or less, then look no further than this list! We’ve gathered 10 of our favorite recipes that can be made using Ventray electric grill, perfect for those summer BBQs or weeknight dinners.

1. Ventray Grill One Pot Hello Fresh Shrimp Spaghetti with A Kick

This one pot meal is easy to make and cleanup, and full of flavor. The shrimp adds a nice protein boost, while the zucchini and chili pepper give it a slight kick.

View Recipe

2. One-Pot Chicken Sausage & Bean Soup

This one-pot soup is packed with protein and fiber, making it a nutritious and filling meal. Plus, it’s super easy to make and can be on the table in 30 minutes or less!

View Recipe

3. Sesame-Soy Pork Bowls

This recipe is perfect for those nights when you want something quick and easy, but still packed with flavor. The sweet soy glaze on the pork gives it a delicious caramelized taste that pairs perfectly with the rice and veggies. And, if you’re feeling extra hungry, you can always add a few more crispy fried onions on top!

View Recipe

4. Penne with Pork Meatballs

This dish is hearty and filling, yet still light enough that you won’t feel weighed down. It’s also a great way to use up any leftover ground pork you might have.

View Recipe

5. Spicy Coconut Curry Pork Noodle Soup

This soup is the perfect mix of spicy, savory, and sour. The lime adds a bright pop of flavor, while the coconut milk makes it rich and creamy.

View Recipe

6. One-Pot Cowboy Pork & Bean Chili

This one-pot cowboy pork and bean chili is the perfect meal for those busy weeknights or lazy weekends. It’s packed with flavor from the southwest spice blend, and the smoky red pepper crema adds a nice touch of creaminess. Plus, it’s all made in one pan so cleanup is a breeze!

View Recipe

7. Sesame Soy Beef Bowls

The sweet soy glaze on these beef patties is out of this world delicious! And when paired with the sriracha mayonnaise, it makes for a flavor combination that will have you coming back for more.

View Recipe

8. Pork Sausage Rigatoni Rosa

This recipe is easy to follow and yields a delicious, hearty dish. The rigatoni pasta pairs perfectly with the flavors of the sausage and tomato sauce, and the cream cheese adds a richness to the dish that takes it over the top. This meal is sure to please any crowd, and leftovers reheat well for an easy lunch or dinner later in the week.

View Recipe

9. One-Pot Chicken Sausage & Chickpea Soup

This soup is a great option for a quick and easy meal. It is packed with protein and fiber from the chickpeas and chicken sausage, and is also loaded with vitamins and minerals from the spinach. This soup is also low in calories and fat, making it a healthy option for those looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

View Recipe

10. One-Pot Italian Garden Veggie Soup

This recipe is hearty and filling, but still light enough to enjoy as a summer soup. The Italian seasoning gives the soup a nice depth of flavor, while the Parmesan cheese and chili flakes add a little bit of heat. And of course, the Israeli couscous is a delicious and filling addition. So if you’re looking for a healthy and tasty summer soup, this one is definitely worth trying.

View Recipe

What is HelloFresh and how does it work?

HelloFresh is a weekly food subscription service that delivers fresh ingredients (whole foods) and recipes to your door in a meal delivery kit. Each week, you’ll receive a box of ingredients and recipes for delicious meals that you can cook at home. HelloFresh makes it easy to eat healthy, delicious meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

Why HelloFresh is a great option for busy people?

One of the best things about HelloFresh is that it takes the guesswork out of meal planning. With HelloFresh, you’ll always have fresh, healthy ingredients on hand, and you’ll never have to worry about what to make for dinner. HelloFresh also offers a variety of meal options to suit any taste, so you can be sure to find something that everyone in your family will enjoy.

How to choose the right meal plan for your needs?

When you sign up for HelloFresh, you’ll be asked to choose a meal plan that fits your needs. There are three different meal prep plans to choose from: the Classic Plan, the Veggie Plan, and the Family Plan. 

The Classic Plan is our most popular option, and it’s perfect for people who want a little bit of everything. With the Classic Plan, you’ll receive a variety of recipes each week, including meat and seafood dishes, vegetarian options, and more.

The Veggie Plan is perfect for people who are looking to eat more vegetables. With the Veggie Plan, you’ll receive a box of fresh, seasonal ingredients each week, along with recipes for delicious vegetarian meals.

The Family Plan is perfect for families who want to cook together. With the Family Plan, you’ll receive ingredients and recipes for family-friendly meals that everyone will enjoy. 

Why use Ventray grill to make HelloFresh meals?

Ventray Grill is the perfect way to cook HelloFresh meals. With Ventray Grill, you can cook your meals quickly and easily, with no fuss or mess. Plus, Ventray Grill’s unique design means that your food will always be evenly cooked, so you’ll never have to worry about undercooked or overcooked food again.

Ventray Grill makes cooking simple and easy. With just a few minutes of prep time, you can have a delicious and nutritious meal on the table. These ten recipes are a great place to start, but be sure to check out our website for more ideas. And don’t forget to follow us at @ventraykitchen on social media and tag us in your photos using #ventraygrill so we can see how amazing your meals turn out!

Cook Your Fresh Meal Delivery Faster and Easier with Ventray

Cook Your Fresh Meal Delivery Faster and Easier with Ventray

While the meal delivery kit contains everything you need – fresh ingredients and recipe cards to make meal prep easy at home – the last thing you might want to consider is whether your existing kitchen appliances will make your cooking process faster and easier.

If you really want to experience super-fast and easy meal prep without compromising the nutrition and flavor of your meal delivery kit, some easy-to-use, efficient, and affordable kitchen appliances might come in handy.

What Ventray Appliance Do We Recommend?

As one of the most widely used kitchen appliances, ovens play an important role in everyday cooking. Therefore, having an easy-to-use and efficient oven is essential in terms of shortening cooking time and simplifying the cooking process. Of all the ovens, the Ventray oven does a great job.

How Does Ventray Oven Cook Your Fresh Meal Delivery Faster and Easier?

Ventray oven is a countertop convection oven that owns convection cooking functions. Convection cooking utilizes convection heating technology to create hot air circulation within the oven, making the cooking process of your meal delivery kit faster and more energy-efficient. Plus, Ventray countertop convection ovens cook better than conventional ovens. For example, they can provide your everyday meal with beautiful golden-brown pastries, perfect crisp cookies, even roasted chickens, delightfully caramelized vegetables, and more.

Use the Ventray oven to make your meal delivery kit easier, no cooking skill is required. This versatile oven owns 12 cooking presets including bread, cake, dehydrate, fries, wings, chicken, fish, steak, shrimp, donut, cookies, and pizza, making it easier to cook meal delivery kit. Everyone can be a chef with this easy-to-operate oven.

With the Ventray oven, your entire family will love the fresh, nutritious, and delicious dishes your make. It will truly make your life easier and allow you to enjoy more time with your family.

What Other Benefits Do Ventray Ovens Have?

  • Large cooking capacity air fryer
    25L/26QT large interior capacity allows a variety of cooking options and meeting various scenarios. It can carry 4lb whole chicken/6 slices of toast/12 in pizza.
  • Fast, delicious, healthy, and oil-free cooker
    360°hot air circulation technology provides you with crunchy food with little or no oil. The spiral heating elements on its top, two tube heating elements on the bottom, and the heat circulation fan shorten cooking time and create an even cooking result.
  • LED touch control panel & easy-to-operate
    The digital icons on the control panel are clearly visible. 12 preset cooking modes make homemade dishes so easy at the touch of a button. The time and temperature are adjustable for making different kinds of delicious with ease.
  • Bright oven light
    Touch the light control on the panel to see the progress of the food inside while cooking. When you open the door, the oven light will automatically turn on and turn off after a while.
  • Dual-layer & adiabatic glass door
    The safe dual-layer design of the glass door provides a great heat-insulating effect to keep the heat cooking the foods evenly.
  • Cooking accessories for free
    Fee high-quality baking rack, fry basket, and baking tray are provided to meet different cooking needs.
  • Easy to clean
    You can easily clean the interior with a wipe cloth thanks to the high-quality non-stick stainless steel interior wall. Plus, it includes a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

Top 5 Best Meal Delivery Services to Try in 2022

Finding the best meal delivery service with high-quality fresh ingredients will save your grocery shopping time while keeping your family eating healthy.

1. HelloFresh
HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that offers healthy, innovative recipes and an inspiration guide to help you cook along with your meals every week and provides curated chef boxes, plus vegetarian-friendly and family-style boxes for you to choose from to create meals ranging in difficulty on a scale of one to three. It is the most convenient service with a vast range of fun, easy-to-make, and healthful recipes and is also one of the more affordable meal-kit services that are sure to delight everyone, even picky eaters in the family.

2. Home Chef
Home Chef offers a weekly rotating menu with over 30 dinners. There is no need to waste time cooking meals from scratch anymore-with Home Chef, you must choose the meals, ingredients, and cooking times, and the service will take care of the rest. You can even choose to have your meal delivered to your doorstep, so you can relax and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal without the hassle.

3. Blue Apron
Blue Apron offers healthy and affordable cuisine, so you can quickly start cooking from scratch. Plus, the recipes are easy to follow, so you’ll be able to create delicious dishes in no time. And if you’re short on time, don’t forget to check out the online meal planner-it makes cooking even more accessible. As an added bonus, it offers a monthly wine subscription that pairs specially-sized bottles with your meals.

4. Hungryroot
The Hungryroot is a subscription-based service that offers a variety of healthy and delicious dishes. The ready meals are healthy and well-balanced so that you can eat guilt-free. You have the freedom to customize each recipe, so you know what will fit your dietary needs. Hungryroot is a food delivery service that offers many of the same perks and adjustments as the other meal kits on this list.

5. Sunbasket
Sunbasket is an excellent meal kit delivery service for healthy eaters because it offers personalized recipes and shopping recommendations. This service offers a range of meal plans that suit different dietary needs and delicious food options for lunch and dinner. On top of that, if you’re looking for a paleo meal delivery service, Sunbasket offers a variety of meal-plan options for a paleo diet.

Final Thoughts

Meal kit delivery services are a great way to get fresh, quality, nutritious ingredients without all the hassle, and Ventray ovens are also a great way to prepare fresh, nutritious, delicious, and healthy food quickly and easily. So, why not cook your fresh meal delivery kit faster and easier with Ventray oven?

Ventray Oven: Hello Fresh Meals with a Kick

Ventray Oven: Hello Fresh Meals with a Kick

With Hello Fresh, you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing the foods you’re cooking, and you can have a variety of fresh ingredients without going shopping. With Ventray Oven, you’ll be able to get healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals in 30 minutes. 

Don’t believe me? Check out the recipes listed below and try them out for yourself!

Zucchini Tomato Flatbreads

Zucchini & Tomato Flatbreads

About the cuisine

Each bite of these zucchini & tomato flatbreads with lemon ricotta, fresh herbs, honey & chili flakes will light you up with aromatic, spicy, and sweetness. This easy-to-make dish tastes super indulgent while remaining fairly balanced. 

View Recipe

Chicken Parm Salad

Chicken Parm Salad

About the cuisine

Featuring crispy chicken tenders, fresh spinach, tender Yukon potatoes, and a variety of spices, this Chicken Parm Salad will deliver a great American-inspired experience.

View Recipe

Oven-Roasted Salmon

Oven-Roasted Salmon

About the cuisine

This protein-rich salmon dish is packed with tangy fruit and zest and roasted in the oven for flaky tenderness. This tasty salmon recipe is the answer to busy nights and special occasions alike!

View Recipe

Why Does Ventray Oven Cook Hello Fresh Meals Fast?

Ventray Oven is a countertop convection oven with a fan and exhaust system to circulate hot air around the oven cavity to cook foods evenly and quickly. Compared with a conventional oven, you’ll get better cooking results – crispy and browned on the outside and juicy on the inside by using convection cooking. It uses electricity, is much more portable, less expensive, and more energy-efficient than a full-sized built-in oven.

Ventray countertop convection oven designs a convection setting that activates convection heating functions. When the convection setting is on, you can utilize the benefits of your convection oven to cook your meals. When the convection setting is off, you can only use your convection oven like a conventional oven.

What Makes Ventray Countertop Convection Oven Stand out from Other Convection Ovens?

  • Owns 1700W cooking power and adopts spiral heating elements on its top and two tube heating elements on its bottom for fast and even cooking results.
  • Has a 25L/26QT large capacity, fitting for a 12-inch pizza, 4lb chicken, and 6 slices of bread. Supports multi-layer baking at the same time.
  • 12 cooking presets bread, cake, dehydrate, fries, wings, chicken, fish, steak, shrimp, donut, cookies, and pizza to make your homemade meals richer and healthier.
  • Heats up faster and cooks food in less time, consuming less energy and saving money.
  • Made of durable stainless steel, the internal wall is easy to clean, and the included removable crumb tray makes it easy to remove crumbs.
  • Measuring 16.2 x 15.7 x 15 inches, the oven saves space and moves easily from one place to another.
  • LED touch control panel with a digital display, wide time and temperature range control, and interior light will make cooking easier and more convenient.
  • Includes a baking rack, fry basket, and baking tray to meet different cooking needs.

Cook Your Fresh Meal Delivery Faster And Easier With Ventray Grill

Cook Your Fresh Meal Delivery Faster & Easier With Ventray Grill

There’s no need to spend hours in the kitchen when you can quickly and easily cook a healthy meal with Ventray. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to make dinner or you want to save time on meal prep, Ventray grill can help. With our appliance, you can cook fresh meals delivery faster and easier, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your food.

How does Meal Delivery Services work?

Meal delivery services provide you with all the ingredients and instructions needed to make a delicious, healthy meal. All you have to do is order your favorite meals from a meal delivery service, and they will be delivered right to your door.

Use Ventray Grill to make your meal delivery kit easier - no cooking skill is required.

Cooking with Ventray grill is simple. Just choose your favorite recipes, add the ingredients to our appliance, and let it do the work. In minutes, you can have a delicious meal that’s ready to eat. And because our grills are designed for healthy cooking, you can feel good about what you’re eating.

Why Ventray Electric Grill?

  • Fast, easy & healthy: 

The grill heats up quickly and cooks food evenly, making it easy to prepare healthy meals.

  • Non-stick cooking surface: 

The non-stick cooking surface means that there’s no need for oil or butter, so you can make healthier meals.

  • Smoke-free: 

The grill produces little to no smoke, so you can enjoy your meal without the hassle of dealing with smoke-filled kitchens.

  • Easy temperature control: 

The adjustable temperature control means that you can grill at the perfect temperature for your food.

  • Abundant optional accessories: 

Flat Plate, Deep Plate, Couple Plate, and Takoyaki Plate are available for your different needs.

  • Easy clean-up: 

The grill’s non-stick surface makes clean-up a breeze.

  • Comes with recipe book: 

The grill comes with a recipe book that includes healthy and delicious recipes.

Ventray Electric Grill Recipe Book

How To Choose a Meal Delivery Services?

The best meal delivery service for you will depend on your budget, dietary needs, and how much time you have to cook. You should also consider the type of food that you want to eat. Some meal delivery services specialize in healthy meals, while others offer a more diverse menu.

Meal delivery services typically provide recipes and all of the ingredients you need to make a meal. All you need to do is follow the instructions and cook the food.

The Best Meal Delivery Services to Try in 2022

There are many meal delivery services to choose from, so it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Here are some of the best meal delivery services to try in 2022:

• HelloFresh

HelloFresh gives you the option to choose from different boxes of food that have been carefully selected by chefs. There are also vegetarian-friendly and family-style boxes available, so you can make meals that vary in difficulty, depending on your skills.

• Sunbasket

The Sunbasket team puts a huge emphasis on sourcing only the highest quality ingredients possible. This means that all of their produce is organic, the meat is free from antibiotics and hormones, and the seafood is wild-caught and fresh. If you’re following a paleo diet, Sunbasket has a variety of meal plan options that will suit your needs. They also have options for other special diets, such as vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian. 

• Home Chef

Home Chef allows you to pick from a variety of meals each week, which can be made in 30 minutes or less. These meals are tailored to your cravings and dietary restrictions.

• Green Chef

If you’re worried about your meal kit habit’s impact on the environment, take some comfort in knowing that Green Chef is one of the most eco-friendly options. All kits are certified by the USDA to contain at least 90% organic ingredients.

• Blue Apron

Blue Apron’s recipes are quick and easy, with an average cooking and prep time of 45 minutes. The company works directly with farmers to create its meal plans, so you can be sure your food comes from a reliable source.

Other meal delivery services

We know that healthy eating is important to you, which is why we’ve designed our grill to help you make nutritious meals that are both delicious and easy to prepare.

So why wait? Get started today and see how easy it is to cook with Ventray grill.

Ventray X American Cancer Society: 2022 The Breast Of Rhode Island​

Ventray X American Cancer Society: 2022 The Breast of Rhode Island

This year, Ventray is participating in the fight against breast cancer together with the fundraising team Keeping the Pace with Dianne.

The Breast of Rhode Island event will be on Thursday, June 23, 2022, featuring great food, a spectacular raffle and silent auction, and much more! Funds raised at this event will benefit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and the American Cancer Society.

To make a donation or purchase a ticket: Click Here.

Did you know?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide.

In the United States, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women after skin cancer. Each year, it is estimated that over 620,000 women die from breast cancer – that’s about 8 out of 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the disease.

Although breast cancer can occur in men, the disease is about 100 times more common in women.

That’s why Ventray supports Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the largest network of breast cancer events in the US, to help finish the fight against breast cancer.

A little about Dianne Fonseca and her team

June 2022 will mark Dianne Fonseca’s 23rd year since she became a breast cancer survivor. She is an active volunteer for the American Cancer Society and is particularly involved with Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. She shares her story and supports other women diagnosed with the disease.

Her team, Keeping the Pace with Dianne, has been the top team in RI for the past several years, raising over $500,000 for the cause. This will be Dianne’s 11th year hosting her annual fundraiser.

Learn more about breast cancer

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the breast cells. A malignant tumor is a group of cancer cells that can grow into (invade) surrounding tissues or spread (metastasize) to distant areas of the body. Breast cancer occurs almost exclusively in women, but men can get it too.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

The most common symptom of breast cancer is a new lump or mass in the breast. A painless, hard mass with irregular edges is more likely to be cancerous, but breast cancers can be tender, soft, or round, and they can even be flat. So it’s important to have any new breast changes checked out by a healthcare provider.

Ways to prevent breast cancer include:

• Not smoking / Avoiding tobacco use

• Limiting alcohol intake

• Eating a healthy diet

• Exercising regularly

• Maintaining a healthy weight

• Limiting exposure to radiation and environmental pollutants

• Avoiding the use of hormone replacement therapy during menopause

• Having annual mammograms starting at age 40 or earlier if you have a family history of breast cancer

What is Making Strides Against Breast Cancer?

Making Strides is the American Cancer Society’s nationwide event to end breast cancer. The event raises money and awareness to help save lives from breast cancer. 

Since its inception in 1993, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer has contributed nearly $800 million to the American Cancer Society’s research, education, and patient services programs. 

The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a chance for communities to come together and make a difference for everyone who has been touched by breast cancer. 

It also aims to celebrate breast cancer survivors and remember those we’ve lost to the disease. 

What I can do to support the Fight Against Breast Cancer?

Educate Yourself: Understand your risk and learn about the disease. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to make informed decisions about your health. 

Get Screened: Early detection is key to survival. Be sure to schedule regular mammograms and breast exams. 

Spread the Word: Help spread the word about breast cancer risks, symptoms, and treatment options. The more people are aware, the better equipped we’ll all be to fight the disease. 

Support Research: Donate to or participate in local breast cancer awareness and research initiatives.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Eating healthy, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce your breast cancer risk. 

Making these lifestyle changes can be challenging, but they’re worth it. The healthier you are, the lower your risk of developing breast cancer. And even if you do get the disease, healthy lifestyle choices can help improve your chances of surviving and staying cancer-free. So don’t wait, start making changes today. It’s never too late to improve your health!

Why is it important to raise awareness of breast cancer?

It also helps reduce the stigma surrounding breast cancer, making it easier for people to talk about their experiences and get the support they need. Additionally, raising awareness can help promote breast cancer research and progress towards a cure. Every year, thousands of people are diagnosed with breast cancer, and sadly, many people lose their battle with the disease. But with early detection and proper treatment, breast cancer can be beaten.

There are many ways to raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer. One way is to participate in breast cancer awareness activities, such as walks or runs. Another way is to simply wear pink to show your support. You can also donate to organizations that fund breast cancer research or support those affected by the disease.

No matter how you choose to raise awareness, remember that every little bit helps! 

Support the community together

Ventray has always cared about women’s health, and our products are also focused on healthy living. We are happy to be able to contribute in some way to the cause. Because breast cancer doesn’t stop – so neither do we.

At Ventray, we believe in the power of cooking to boost self-esteem and mental health; two key components to maintaining a positive attitude while experiencing any hard times. 

If you would like to start a health and wellness journey of your own, please visit our Ventray website for more health and wellness recipes/products, or follow us at @ventraykitchen on social media and share your healthy living tips.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

Unique and Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Mom


When Mother’s Day comes around, it’s time to show our love and appreciation to the special women in our lives. Here at Ventray Kitchen, we’ve come up with some Mother’s Day gift ideas for every kind of mom. Instead of flowers and cards, this year, give the women in your life an extra special gift!

- Best Mother’s Day gift for sisters or besties

From childhood through adulthood, your sister or bestie has watched you go through many stages and taken care of you when you needed it most. Witnessing her as a mother has probably been one of the most rewarding in your life. To celebrate their motherhood, why not give the best Mother’s Day gift that your sister or bestie will cherish and actually use? This Luminous 3-in-1 Spa Shower Head that can give her a relaxing body massage and deep skin cleansing in the comfort of her own home is one of the perfect solutions to pamper herself.

- Best Mother’s Day gift for new moms

Being a new mom means going through so many “firsts.” New moms deserve some extra love and support by pampering the new mom in your life with a thoughtful gift. This BabyGrow Baby Food Processor that can steam, defrost and blend is a perfect solution for the new mom to easily feed their child right by making healthy and rich-in-nutrients baby foods by herself fuss-free.

- Best Mother’s Day Gift for elderly moms

Whether our moms or grandmas are still working or enjoying retirement, put some extra thought into choosing a meaningful and practical gift for your elderly mom or grandma on this Mom’s Day. This all-in-one Countertop Convection Oven that has 12 cooking presets to make her food ready mess-free will make her life easier and always make them feel the continued care from you. Additionally, one of the best things about this oven is that it is easy to clean after use.

- Best Mother’s Day gift for busy working moms

Flowers and an elegant brunch are always welcome, however, the best gifts for busy moms are often the most unexpected. They are too busy to think about spending a little time for themselves A thoughtful Mother’s Day gift like this Countertop Dishwasher that cleans all messy dishes with its powerful cleaning performance will make their lives easier and free them up more time to relax and enjoy their lives with their families.

- Best Mother’s Day gift for stay-at-home moms

We can’t think of anyone more deserving of pampering than stay-at-home moms on this Mother’s Day. This all-purpose Stand Mixer that has 4 mixing attachments included will make every kind of mixing with ease. Additionally, the most special part of this gift is that it has a hub to help them that can attach different accessories to make pasta, grind meat, and slice vegetables.

Why we celebrate the Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a time to honor the mother’s bond, motherhood, and the mother’s role in society. The modern celebration began in the United States, was created in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. However, it is celebrated in different forms around the world in the months of March and May. Traditionally, Mother’s Day involves giving mothers flowers, cards, and other gifts.

How can I make Mother’s Day special?

Although one day of the year really isn’t enough to honor one of the most important people in our lives, Mother’s Day is a great chance to show our love and express our appreciation to the person who raised us and took care of us. So, if you’re looking to go beyond the traditional Mother’s Day card or Mother’s Day flowers, here are some thoughtful ideas to make Mother’s Day special.

1. Plan a Mother’s Day Brunch at home
If you’re going to be spending Mother’s Day with your mom in person, planning an at-home brunch cooked by you will be a great way to make her feel loved.

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2. Give her a thoughtful gift
Giving the special woman in your life a gift she really needs on Mother’s Day will melt her heart.

3. Throw a surprise party
Plan a surprise party for our moms on Mother’s Day to make her day special and cook her favorite dishes to make the night even more enjoyable.

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4. Plan a movie night together
Watching her favorite movie with the family at night will be a special Mother’s Day gift for mom.

5. Plan a trip
On this special Mother’s Day trip, your mom will enjoy exploring the various famous attractions and make great memories.

Should a husband get his wife something for Mother’s Day?

Mom’s Day is around the corner, which has sparked our family’s annual debate about whether or not a husband should get his wife a gift for Mother’s Day.

Reasons why you should not give your wife a Mother’s Day gift
1. Mother’s Day is designed for kids to express appreciation to mom.
2. Mother’s Day is a celebration for mothers, not wives.
3. Do something more meaningful than a gift, like serving her breakfast in bed, doing house cleaning, etc.
4. Unlike birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day is not a celebration of love with romantic and thoughtful gifts.

Reasons why you should give your wife a Mother’s Day gift
1. Mother’s Day is the perfect time for a husband to celebrate his wife’s motherhood.
2. You want to receive a gift from your wife on Father’s Day.
3. Mother’s Day should be celebrated for all moms.
4. Being a mom can be complicated with a complex set of roles to play nowadays.

How is Mother’s Day celebrated in different parts of the world?

Mother’s Day has been celebrated in the United States since the 19th century. In 1914, the second Sunday in May was declared a national holiday to express appreciation for mothers. Some other countries, including Brazil, Venezuela, Vietnam, Uruguay, Bhutan, Croatia, Cuba, Belgium, and Canada, also celebrate on the second Sunday of May, while others have celebrations at different times of the year.

United Kingdom
Since the Middle Age, Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom has been celebrated on the fourth Sunday during the Christian Lent period. Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated by spending time with family and giving cards. Mother’s Day now has a similar tradition to American holidays, encouraging children to present their mothers with gifts, cards, and flowers.

Mother’s Day in Russia is celebrated in the fall, on the last Sunday in November. On this day, children not only present flowers to their mothers but also pay appreciation and congratulations to all mothers in their lives, including grandmothers, mothers-in-law, and aunts.

In Mexico, the date for Mother’s Day is always May 10. It is a day to honor women and what they do for their families. Mexican Mother’s Day traditions tend to give flowers and gifts. Some also celebrate through mariachi serenades singing Las Mañanitas, special masses, and school performances. Food is also a big part of the festivities, with many feasting on moles, enchiladas, and traditional slow-roasted pork cochinita pibil.

In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day is a three-day celebration in mid-autumn. Typically, families host a feast called Antrosht. At that feast, kids bring ingredients for a hash recipe while the mothers relax and enjoy. During the celebration, men sing to honor their families, and mothers and daughters smear their faces with butter and dance to the song.

Mother’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on August 12 to honor Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s birthday. Part of the tradition that day is to offer early morning offerings to Buddhist monks. The children kneel at the feet of their mothers and pay their respects. They may also show appreciation by giving cards or taking mom out to eat.

8 Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas That Will Melt Her Heart


As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, here at Ventray Kitchen, we will show you some impressive recipes that you can cook to wow your mom or your favorite mom-like person.

Whatever mom’s favorite, we’ve covered just about any type of Mother’s Day dinner ideas you’re looking for: steak, salmon, chicken, salad or vegetarian recipes, and dessert. Now you just need to pick one or a few to spoil the special mom in your life by making her a lovely Mother’s Day dinner.


1. Grilled Moroccan Steak and Carrots

Serve up this grilled Moroccan steak sand carrots to really wow Mom on her special day. This grilled steak takes less than half an hour to cook. If you’re looking to make some high-quality dishes at home for Mother’s Day, be sure to try this recipe for your mom.

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2. Oven-Baked Salmon

Take a note from mom: Eating healthy is just as satisfying. Prove her point with this easy-to-make delicious oven-baked salmon dish.

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3. Grilled Stuffed Chicken

Chicken is one of the best proteins to use for your healthy dinner ideas. This Mother’s Day, add a little extra love and care to your cooking with this delicious stuffed chicken recipe. Nothing complements grilled chicken better than cheese, spinach, and dried tomatoes.

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4. Cayenne Grilled Eggplant with Fresh Tomato Salad

This colorful vegetarian meal brightens up the Mother’s Day dinner table with smokeless grilled eggplants, fresh juicy tomatoes, and cool and creamy yogurt.

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5. Roasted Cauliflower (Vegetarian)

Calling all vegan moms! This roasted cauliflower is easy to cook and a healthy vegetarian option, perfect for a Mother’s Day main course.

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6. Roasted Butternut Squash (Vegetarian)

This roasted butternut squash recipe is rich in nutrients and fibers. You will love this meat free vegetarian option from our list of Mother’s Day dinner ideas.

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7. Baked Apple Roses

Prepare something special on this special day for mom. She will love these baked apple roses and wow their gorgeous look and delicious taste.

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8. Chocolate Pecan Pie with a Bourbon Twist

Add chocolate and bourbon to a classic pecan pie for an impressive Mother’s Day treat. Mom will love this gooey filling with a chocolate fudge taste.

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How do I spoil my wife on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day gives you a chance to show the woman with whom you share your life just how much you appreciate her. Doing something special for your significant other on Mother’s Day will make her feel the love. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are 3 simple ways to get you started.

1. Do a thorough cleaning of the house
On Mother’s Day, the last thing your wife wants to think about is cleaning the messy house. Having a clean house on that day will make your wife happy. So, an easy way to show your wife appreciation is to do a thorough house cleaning alone the night before Mother’s Day.

2. Cook for your wife at home
Make sure your wife doesn’t have to think about every meal for Mother’s Day. You can prepare brunch and dinner yourself to make her feel the love. Try to make some delicious recipes to make her brunch, or dinner impressive on that day.

3. Surprise your wife with a unique and meaningful gift
Gifts are also a great way to show your significant other how much you love her, especially a unique and meaningful gift. For example, if your wife is a busy working mom, you can choose a countertop dishwasher for her to make her daily dishwashing hassle-free. If your wife is a new mom, you can choose a baby food processor that makes healthy homemade food for your child.

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What cultures celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a greatly honored celebration around the world, more than 50 countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day, but not all of them do it on the same day. Countries that celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May include Australia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, and Belgium. In many parts of Mexico and Latin America, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on May 10. In Thailand, August 12 is the current Queen’s birthday.

What do you do on Mother’s Day when your alone?

Some people will have the perfect Mother’s Day with bouquets of flowers, breakfast in bed, and a joyous family gathering. But that’s not what everyone’s Mother’s Day looks like. If you’re alone, don’t feel down about being alone this year, but find strength and celebrate yourself through using these strategies.

1. Take a weekend trip
2. Go shopping
1. Take a day off and do nothing
2. Treat yourself to a spa day
3. Go to the gym
4. Enjoy a solo meal
5. Get together with your girlfriends
6. Go to the movies
7. Go to a bar
8. Take a hobby class
9. Go fishing/hiking
10. Do some DIY items
11. Visit Museums
12. Be a volunteer
13. Go to the beach/parks

10 Brunch Recipes That Every Mom Will Love on Mother’s Day


Every mother deserves a day where she is celebrated and made to feel special. What better way to show your mom how much you appreciate her than by cooking her a delicious meal? Brunch is the perfect option because it can be both sweet and savory, and it’s a great time to gather the family together. 

What should I cook for my mom?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 10 brunch recipes that every mom will love on Mother’s Day. Each of these recipes is easy to follow and sure to please. Mom will love that you took the time to make her a special meal, and she’ll be extra impressed if you whip up one of these impressive brunch dishes.

1. Quiche Lorraine

This classic French dish is perfect for a special occasion like Mother’s Day. It’s made with eggs, bacon, and cheese, so it’s sure to please everyone at the table.

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2. Breakfast Burrito

Start mom’s day off right with a hearty breakfast burrito. This recipe includes eggs, sausage, and potatoes, all wrapped up in a warm tortilla.

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3. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

These pancakes are a delicious twist on a classic breakfast favorite. They’re perfect for moms with sweet tooth, and they’re sure to bring a smile to their faces.

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4. Eggs Benedict

This breakfast favorite is sure to impress. It’s made with poached eggs, Canadian bacon, and Hollandaise sauce, and it can be served on a bed of fresh spinach or asparagus.

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5. Omelette Bar

An omelette bar is a great way to let mom customize her own breakfast. Set out a variety of toppings, such as cheese, diced ham, mushrooms, onions, and peppers. Put out some hot sauce and ketchup for dipping, too.

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6. Coffee Cake Muffins

These muffins are the perfect combination of sweet and moist. The coffee cake topping is an added bonus that will make your mom feel extra special.

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7. Bloody Marys

For the moms who like to start their day with a little bit of alcohol, these Bloody Marys are perfect. They’re packed with flavor and can be customized to each person’s liking.

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8. Mimosas

For the moms who like brunch, these mimosas are a must. They’re light, refreshing, and oh-so-easy to make.

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9. Strawberry Shortcake with Thyme and Whipped Cream

This light and refreshing dessert is the perfect way to show your mom how much you care. The strawberries are a symbol of love, and the thyme adds a touch of elegance.

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10. Green Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

This recipe is perfect for the health-conscious mom. The green smoothie bowl is packed with nutrients and is topped with fresh fruit, granola, and chia seeds.

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What should you not eat on Mother’s Day?

You want to make sure that the meal you serve your mom is something she will enjoy and that won’t make her feel uncomfortable. Avoid anything too greasy or spicy, as well as any foods that are known to cause gas or bloating. You also want to be careful with how much sugar you include, as some moms might be watching their intake.

How can I surprise my mom in lockdown?

If you can’t be with your mom in person on Mother’s Day, there are still plenty of ways to show her how much you care. Send her a bouquet of flowers or a gift basket full of her favorite things. You could also put together a care package with essentials like face masks, hand sanitizer, and cozy socks. If you’re feeling crafty, you could make her a card or write her a heartfelt letter expressing your love and appreciation. Whatever you do, make sure to let her know how much you care and how much you miss her.

Happy Mother’s Day!