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Best Homemade Croissant Recipe for National Croissant Day

Best Homemade Croissant Recipe for National Croissant Day

January 30th is National Croissant Day in the United States, giving all of us a chance to celebrate this creamy, crescent-shaped, curved pastry. The croissant rolls are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. There’s nothing better than having a breakfast croissant with the combination of coffee to kick your day off.

What Is a Croissant?

A croissant is a classic French pastry that is rolled into a crescent shape. Although croissants are considered a French specialty, they originated in Austria. Back then, it wasn’t as flaky as it is today. Later, in France, further changes were made to give it a proper shape and a crisper, more tender taste.

The croissant is a crispy nutritious breakfast item. It’s a popular snack that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, simply covered with everything from butter to whipped cream. If you haven’t tried this flaky and delicious homemade breakfast yet, National Croissant Day is the perfect opportunity to make them yourself.

Is It Hard to Make Homemade Croissants?

Making croissants with your own two hands from wholesome ingredients is the best way to taste them and learn how they are prepared. Traditional croissant making is a time-consuming process that involves the tedious processes of laminating, chilling, rolling, shaping, and baking. And with the feature of being airy, fluffy, rich, and buttery all at the same time, it is quite a bit more involved than most baking projects.

But for this homemade croissant recipe, we’ve cut out a lot of steps to save you making time. And the end result is just as good. When coming out of the oven, these fresh, warm, buttery, and flaky pastries will definitely wake up your senses. What a way to start the day!

What Kitchen Appliances Can You Use to Make Croissants More Easily?

A high-quality kitchen appliance can help simplify the cooking steps to a certain extent, saving time and energy.

To make croissants, typically, you’ll need a stand mixer like Ventray Stand Mixer to help mix your ingredients quickly and thoroughly. Another essential piece of equipment is an oven like Ventray Countertop Convection Oven to bake the croissants evenly for better and more satisfying results.

How to Make This Best Homemade Croissant Recipe?

Unlike other croissant recipes, this homemade croissant recipe doesn’t have a lot of steps, folding, and specific measuring and counting, making it suitable even for beginners. So, following our recipe, you’ll still have all those beautiful flaky layers, but it really cuts down on the prep work!

Start by mixing together the flour, sugar, yeast, and salt with a stand mixer. Then add unsalted butter. Make sure every piece of butter is coated in the flour mixture.

Fold everything together until the dough forms a ball. Chill the dough for at least 2 hours before you start rolling and folding.

Click HERE to see the specific steps to make this homemade croissant.

Croissants fall into that category of laminated pastry. Cold butter is the key to the success of laminated doughs, so it’s very important to keep the dough cold at all times. Work as fast as possible, and if you notice the butter becoming soft at any point, wrap it right up and chill it until it’s stiff again.

How to Shape Croissants?

Firstly, divide the dough in half to make it easier to work with, and roll it out into a large, long rectangle. Ideally, it measures about 10 inches wide, 22 inches long, and about 1/8 inch thick.

Secondly, use a sharp knife to trim off the edges and cut the dough into long, skinny triangles. The target width is about 5 inches.

Next, cut a small notch in the wide end, which will help the croissant bend more easily and keep its curved shape.

Finally, start at the wide end of the triangle, and roll it all the way away from you. Be sure the point is hidden under the croissant, then bend the croissant into a curved crescent shape. Then pinch the ends together.

What Are the Tips for Success?

Here are some tips to make croissant success easier.

  • The butter needs to be chilled all the time.
  • Keep the sides of the dough as straight as possible while rolling.
  • Remove excess flour before folding.
  • If each step takes more than a few minutes, return the dough to the freezer for 10 minutes.
  • Pinch out the square corners before folding the dough.
  • Just rolling lengthwise stretches the dough instead of widening it.
  • Be careful with the dough and be patient with yourself.


What Tastes Good on a Croissant?

Croissants can be spread with a variety of delicious toppings. Croissants are also delicious with a little honey, a bit of strawberry jam, clotted cream, lemon curd, or a smear of butter. You can even stuff them before baking. For instance, you can place a few pinches of chopped dark chocolate on the wide side of the triangle before rolling it up.

Why Are Croissants Shaped Like a Moon?

“Croissant” comes from the word for “crescent”. A crescent moon shape was a symbol on the flag of the Ottoman Empire. These delicious crescent-shaped pastries are made to celebrate the defeat of the Ottoman Empire.

How Do People Celebrate National Croissant Day?

Here are some ways to celebrate National Croissant Day.

  • Bake your own croissants.
  • Treat your friends and coworkers to fresh-baked, warm croissants.
  • Make a soup or salad to serve with croissants.
  • Teach others who want to learn how to make croissants.
  • Use #NationalCroissantDay to post on social media.

4 Best Ways to Celebrate National Pie Day

4 Best Ways to Celebrate National Pie Day

National Pie Day is just around the corner. As a huge fan of pies, you probably want to add some new delicious pie recipes to your yesteryear pie menu to kick this year off right. Or, as a Gen Z pie fan, you’re probably looking for new pie-related ways to celebrate National Pie Day this year. If you don’t have an idea yet, we’re here to help.

When Was National Pie Day Created?

National Pie Day is a holiday in the United States, usually celebrated on January 23. This day was started in Colorado in 1975 by a school teacher named Charlie Papazian. His birthday was January 23, and he decided to remember it forever as National Pie Day. Why did he name it Pie Day? Just because he loved pie.

Why Do We Celebrate National Pie Day?

National Pie Day, which began in 1975, is celebrated on January 23. There’s no particular reason to celebrate National Pie Day. On this day, pie lovers typically celebrate pies by baking and eating them, trying new pie recipes, and gifting pies to others to show how much they love them.

In 1986, the American Pie Council began sponsoring the day in honor of Crisco’s 75th anniversary. As a day of celebration, National Pie Day allows us to enjoy one of our favorite desserts guilt-free. Although pie exists in some form worldwide, the United States has an inextricable relationship with this dessert.

How Do You Celebrate National Pie Day?

You can celebrate National Pie Day in many ways. A classic way to celebrate National Pie Day is to spend time with friends and bake different pies. To make your National Pie Day celebration impressive and meaningful this year, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to celebrate the day.

1. Make Your Own Pies

Pies are made up of pastry crusts filled with sweet or savory ingredients. Making your pies will give you a greater appreciation for pies as you learn more about the making process and gain some new cooking skills.

National Pie Day is the best time to treat the pie lovers in your life with different delicious pies like apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and chili pie. Pie making is an art; to help you succeed, here are some delicious homemade pie recipes from Ventray for this National Pie Day.


2. Host a Baking Challenge

You can invite your friends, family, or co-workers to your home for the National Pie Day Baking Challenge. Sweet or savory pies, whatever their favorite, it’s always fun to bring people together who share a common interest. The pie contest winner can get creative prizes like a free lunch and even a box full of pie-baking supplies.

Which Kitchen Appliances Can You Use to Make the Best Pies in This Bake-Off Challenge?
As the saying goes, “Who wishes to do his work well must first sharpen his tools.” Here are some of the best kitchen appliances that will give your “contestants” the best cooking experience and will get their appreciation.

  • Ventray Stand Mixer
    Ventray Stand Mixer is a tilt-head stand mixer with a 500-watt, 18,000 RPM motor, 6-speed setting, and 4.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl that will upgrade your existing baking or cooking tools without stretching your budget too much.
  • Ventray Oven
    Ventray Oven which features 12 built-in cooking settings and 26QT large capacity is an all-in-one countertop convection oven that can handle nearly all of your ingredients. It utilizes super convection technology to distribute heat evenly around the chamber, cooking food faster. This oven is worth every penny spent on its awesome functions.

3. Watch a Pie-Themed Movie

If you love pie and love movies, maybe you can try to put them together. A movie centered completely around pie would probably just make people want to eat. However, some great pie scenes in movies will make your eyes shine.

Our 2 Favorite Pie Scenes in Movies

  • Waitress (2007) – Baking a pie helps a woman remember and honor her mother
  • Labor Day (2013) – Baking a pie helps two characters find love

4. Listen to the Pie-Themed Music

Playing pie-themed music while baking and eating pies is a great thing for pie lovers. Somes songs are dedicated love songs to specific pie flavors; some songs refer to terms of endearment for lovers; some just make a casual reference to pie.

Our Top 5 Songs about Pie

National Pie Day vs National Pi Day: What's the Difference?

January 23 is National Pie Day, a time to celebrate the delicious-sounding day with comforting, delectable pie. This is a day for pie lovers everywhere to host pie parties and share pie with their friends, family, or co-workers.

National Pi Day falls March 14 ever year. It is an international holiday popular among educational institutions and math enthusiasts to celebrate the mathematical constant, π (pi), or 3.14159265359.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 4 best ways to help celebrate National Pie Day and the holiday season! Ask for our recommendation? We think you can go either way or combine some of them, depending on your preference, to make your pie celebration the best of the year.

It’s Pie Time! Happy National Pie Day!

Celebrate National Bagel Day with Us

Celebrate National Bagel Day with Us

For lovers of carbs and breakfast food, National Bagel Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate! From your classic sesame seed bagel topped with cream cheese to a fancy Everything Bagel topped with smoked salmon, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re making them at home or picking up fresh-baked ones from your local bagel shop, National Bagel Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in a delicious morning treat. 

What is a bagel?

A bagel is a round, chewy bread roll that is boiled and then baked. It usually has a dense texture and is often topped with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or other toppings. 

What is National Bagel Day?

National Bagel Day celebrates the beloved bagel and all of its glory. It’s not entirely clear who first declared February 9th as National Bagel Day, but it has been celebrated since at least the mid-1990s. It’s a great excuse to get bagels for breakfast, brunch, or just as an afternoon snack!

When is National Bagel Day 2023?

National Bagel Day 2023 will be celebrated on January 15th. Bagels, a traditional Jewish bread, are enjoyed around the world and especially in North America. This special day celebrates this beloved morning food by offering freebies and discounts on bagel purchases. Many bakeries create unique flavours to commemorate National Bagel Day each year. Whether you’re a fan of plain or flavored bagels, there is something for everyone to enjoy on this special day. So mark your calendars for National Bagel Day 2023 and get ready to celebrate with a delicious bagel!

Where did bagels originate from?

Bagels are believed to have originated in Poland over 500 years ago and were brought to the United States by Polish immigrants in the late 19th century. They quickly became popular in New York City, where they are still a favorite today.

What kinds of bagels are there?

Bagels come in all shapes and sizes, with different toppings and fillings to suit every taste. From classic sesame seed bagels, pizza bagels, sweet breakfast bagels, blueberry flavour bagels, banana flavor bagels, herb flavour bagels, frozen bagels to jalapeño and maple french toast flavour bagels, there’s something for every bagel lovers! The deliciousness of the bagel is enhanced when it is toasted and then spread with cream cheese or topped with lox.

What kitchen tools can you use to make bagels?

The first step to make delicious bagels is finding the right tools. 


You’ll need a stand mixer like Ventray stand mixer for kneading the dough and shaping it into rounds, a baking sheet for baking them in the oven, and of course an oven like Ventray Convection Countertop Oven Master. Additionally, you may also want to invest in a lye or malt solution for a golden-brown crust and a chewy texture. Finally, you’ll need a slotted spoon or spider skimmer to drop the bagels into boiling water before baking and a wooden spoon for stirring them around during the boiling process. 

Bagel FAQ

Q: What are some creative ways to enjoy a bagel?

A: There’s so many possibilities when it comes to enjoying a modern bagel! Try topping your bagel with fresh fruit and yogurt or any other your favorite topping for a tasty breakfast or lunch. You can also get creative with your toppings and fillings by adding peanut butter, jam, mashed avocado, eggs, or cheese. Don’t forget about dessert – bagels are great for making sweet treats like french toast or cinnamon sugar bagel bites. 

Q: What's the best way to store a bagel?

A: The best way to store a bagel is by wrapping it in foil or plastic wrap and storing it at room temperature. This helps prevent your bagels from drying out and will keep them fresh for up to 3 days. If you plan on storing bagels for longer, you can freeze them for up to 3 months. 

Q: Are bagels healthy?

A: Yes! Bagels are a great source of complex carbohydrates and contain important nutrients like fiber, protein, iron, and B-vitamins. By topping your bagels with fresh vegetables or lean proteins, you can make a balanced and nutritious meal. Just be mindful of the calories in your toppings, as they can quickly add up. If you’re looking for a healthy snack, try half of a bagel with some nut butter or low-fat cheese to help keep you full between meals.

Whether you’re enjoying a classic bagel at home or picking up them from your local bagel shop, National Bagel Day is a great excuse to indulge in this delicious treat. So grab some friends and get ready for a day of tasty bagels! 

Happy National Bagel Day! 

10 Practical Resolutions to Make 2023 Your Healthiest Year

10 Practical Resolutions to Make 2023 Your Healthiest Year

Ring in the New Year with a fresh start! Take charge of your health and make 2023 the year you take your wellness journey to the next level. 

Why is it important to have a New Year's resolution?

It’s important to have a New Year’s resolution because it allows us to take stock of our lives, assess our goals and areas for improvement, and create a plan for achieving them. Having something tangible to work towards gives us motivation and focus, as well as bettering our overall health and wellbeing. It also allows us to challenge ourselves in new and exciting ways, which can be empowering and rewarding. Finally, it’s a great way to start the New Year by setting ourselves up for success. 

Here are some resolutions that could help get you there.

1. Eat healthier 

Eat less takeout and focus on home-cooked meals. Make sure to stock your pantry with healthy ingredients that you enjoy, such as fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins, whole grains, and nuts.


2. Reduce your sugar and fat intake 

Sugar and fat can quickly add unnecessary calories to your diet, so it’s important to be mindful of how much you are consuming. Try to reduce the amount of added sugar in your diet by avoiding processed foods and opting for fresh fruit instead. Similarly, limit the amount of saturated fats you eat by cutting out fried foods and choosing lean proteins instead.


3. Eat breakfast every day

You’ve heard it before, but eating a healthy breakfast can set the tone for the rest of your day – and help keep hunger pangs at bay. Aim to start each morning with something that has quality protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats.


4. Slow down while eating

When you eat too quickly, it’s easy to overeat. Try taking smaller bites and chewing each bite thoroughly before moving on to the next one. This can help you slow down and actually experience the flavors of the food, giving your brain time to register when you are full so that you don’t overindulge.


5. Try something new 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new recipes or ingredients. Challenge yourself to learn how to prepare more health-conscious meals, such as grain bowls, salads, and veggie-filled dishes.


6. Drink more water

Staying hydrated is important for overall health and wellbeing, so try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will help flush out toxins, keep you feeling energized, and improve your focus.


7. Take time for yourself

Too often we forget to take care of ourselves and end up feeling sluggish and overwhelmed. Make time each week to do something that you find enjoyable and calming, like reading a book or taking a walk.


8. Exercise regularly

Find a form of exercise that you enjoy – whether it’s running, biking, swimming, or yoga – and do it at least three times per week. This will help keep your body and mind fit and energized and could even reduce stress levels.


9. Get more sleep

Aim to get seven or eight hours of sleep each night, as this is essential for optimal health. If you find yourself having trouble sleeping, try some relaxation techniques like taking a hot bath before bed or drinking herbal tea.


10. Spend more time with family and friends

A strong social network can be hugely beneficial to our mental health, so try to make some extra time for those closest in your life this year. Whether it’s going out for coffee or having a movie night, quality time with loved ones can be life-changing.

How to make sure you can stick to these resolutions?

To ensure you follow through on these resolutions, it’s important to make yourself accountable. Track your progress in a journal or online calendar, and set reminders for yourself so that you don’t forget what you need to do. Additionally, try to find a friend or family member who is willing to hold you accountable and encourage you to stay on track. With a little dedication and self-discipline, you can make 2023 the year of improved wellness.

Not all resolutions have to take the form of major life changes – sometimes even small changes can make a big difference. Write down your goals and prioritize them according to importance so that you know exactly what you need to focus on. Then, take actionable steps towards achieving them, remembering to break them down into achievable chunks. This way, you can make steady progress and stay motivated throughout the year. With a little patience and dedication, you’ll be sure to reach your goals in 2023 and beyond. 

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself and reward yourself for any progress you make. Best of luck with reaching your 2023 goals! Happy New Year!

How to Cook with a Countertop Convection Oven?


Countertop convection ovens known for their faster cooking times, evenly cooked food, and improved energy efficiency can undoubtedly offer beautifully golden-brown pastries, perfectly crisp cookies, evenly roasted chickens, delightfully caramelized vegetables, and more for your daily meals. That is why they continue to gain popularity with home cooks. If you have a countertop convection oven, take full advantage of the convection setting functions. However, if you are a new one to cook with countertop convection ovens or cooking from a traditional recipe, some time and/or temperature adjustment may be needed. Here is everything you should know about cooking with a countertop convection oven.

Understanding how a countertop convection oven works

A countertop convection oven cooks food by constantly circulating hot air throughout the oven cavity to help maintain optimal temperatures on the surfaces of the food, resulting in fast and even cooking. Countertop convection ovens can save energy since they make the most use of the heat provided and cook food quickly. If your current kitchen full-sized built-in wall or range oven doesn’t have convection capabilities, a countertop convection oven can bring this cooking technology to your kitchen without needing to replace your existing appliances.

Most countertop convection ovens like VENTRAY Mini Oven Master have a convection setting that activates convection heating functions. The convection setting can be turned on or off. When the convection setting is on, you can utilize the benefits of your convection oven to cook your meals. When the convection setting is off, you can only use your countertop convection oven like a conventional oven.

Cooking tips

Cooking with a convection oven can seem a little complex at first but is easy to master with some simple tips below.

1. Adjust the recipe

When using a countertop convection oven, you do not have to use a high cooking temperature, thanks to its efficient heating technology. Experiment with your favorite recipes by lowering the temperature by at least 25 degrees or shortening the time (10 to 15 percent for cookies and up to 30 percent less for large roasts), or both from the recipe’s recommended setting.

2. Frequently check the food

It is best to check on the dish a few minutes before the end of its cooking time. Don’t rely too much on your set cooking time, especially if you are new to using a countertop convection oven. There is a learning curve with convection oven cooking, so do not be discouraged if your first attempt is not perfect. Since most recipes are written with a conventional oven in mind, you will have to test and check dishes frequently until you find the sweet spot.

3. Allow for air circulation

Countertop convection ovens circulate hot air for even cooking. Stick to low-sided pans or sheets, use rimless baking sheets, and do not cover the racks with foil. These will ensure maximum air distribution around the food. Besides, do not overcrowd the oven when baking or cooking by using multiple racks.

The fastest and easiest way to cook with your countertop convection oven is to follow the presets. VENTRAY Mini Oven Master, as one of the newer countertop convection models, offers 12 cooking presets – bread, cake, dehydrates, fries, wings, chicken, fish, steak, shrimp, donuts, cookies, and pizza to meet your daily cooking needs.

What can you cook in a countertop convection oven?

The hot air consistently circulating in the countertop convection oven will give you fast and even cooking results. You can cook pretty much any conventional recipe with a countertop convection oven after a little experimentation. Here are some foods that will do well in the countertop convection oven:

  • Roasting meat like chicken – You will get better browning and delicious crispy outside while staying juicy on the inside because the meat will not be in the oven as long. 


  • Baking cookies and brownies – You can put at least two cookie sheets in a countertop convection oven at once and have an evener baking thanks to the convection setting.


  • Baking pastries, pies, and tarts – Using a countertop convection oven, you will get a faster, lower temp, more even baking, and crispier pie crust.


  • Baking bread – The convection setting will yield lovely and crusty bread. Try to use a convection setting for bread and decide how it works in your oven.


  • Roasting vegetables, toasting nuts and seeds, and dehydrating fruit and jerky – The fan and exhaust system in countertop convection ovens can move the hot air around and out, taking moisture away much more quickly, producing caramelized veggies.

Can you bake a cake in a countertop convection oven?

Foods like cakes, quick breads, custards, and souffles (or anything made from loose batter) do not quite do well in countertop convection ovens, since the blowing air from a countertop convection oven can create lopsided, rippled, and dry results. You can use a conventional oven or turn off the convection setting on the countertop convection oven to make them.

Countertop convection oven VS Conventional oven

A conventional oven has two heating elements that heat the air inside the oven to cook food. One founded on the bottom is used for most cooking and baking. The other on the top is mostly used for broiling.

Cooking with conventional ovens, you might have “hot spots” to lead to uneven cooking because it has no convection setting to circulate the air in the oven like a countertop convection oven.

Why use a countertop convection oven?

A countertop convection oven is a versatile appliance that can cook almost anything in less time than with a conventional oven. Let’s have a closer look at some of the top reasons to invest in one.

  • Cooks faster – If you are tired of waiting for dinner to get done, a countertop convection oven cooking your food by circulating hot air around your food can help you get your meals on the table faster.


  • Cooks more evenly – With a countertop convection oven, you will get more even cooking rather than uneven “hot spots” cooked by conventional ovens, thanks to its continuous hot air circulation.


  • Idea for browning – The exhaust system of a countertop convection oven can reduce the amount of moisture in the oven for browning and crispy cooking results when you roast things like vegetables or meat.

If you want more cooking options in your kitchen or if your oven lacks a convection setting, it is worth owning a countertop convection oven like VENTRAY Mini Oven Master to help bridge the gaps. If you want some delicious countertop convection oven recipes to try out, browse our oven recipes here!

Christmas Gift Guide for New Parents

Christmas Gift Guide for New Parents

Get the perfect gift for new parents
#babyfood #gift #giftguide

Christmas day is approaching, and people are busy shopping for gifts for their loved ones. If someone on your list is a new parent, the best gift for him or her would be something that involves not only the parents but their children as well. VENTRAY is here to give you a little inspiration.

Newborns rely on their parents to bring them to this world and are dependant on them to survive in the world. Parents take full responsibility for baby care from breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, diapering, to anything tiny or big that matters in their life. Anything pertaining to their child, parents will treat seriously and cautiously including their child’s nutrition. It is especially crucial when breast milk or milk powder does not provide enough nutrition for their infant.

Making original healthy baby food by the parents themselves would be the picture-perfect solution for these baby-focused parents. Creating your own baby food from scratch is no longer a troubling or time-consuming effort with VENTRAY’s Baby Food Processor (Baby Grow Plus). Using the Baby Grow Food Processor is simple. Just cut the ingredients into small pieces and put them into the steaming basket, add water into the tank, and set time for steaming. Pour the steamed food back into the device for blending. After blending, you will have natural healthy baby food and it is ready to serve with no other steps needed.

Baby Grow Plus is the second member of the Baby Grow family. It’s a multifunctional baby food processor that combines five functions into this portable body, including steaming, blending, reheating, defrosting, and sterilizing. Compared to its younger brother, the Plus version is upgraded with optimized components to shorten the preheating time and bring out more efficient steaming.

Adopting maternal-and-infant-friendly PP and BPA-free plastic, we take the sacred responsibility for the health of each little baby. Adjustable timer (0-25 minutes) works with four modes to cook your ingredients such as meats, vegetables, seafood, and fruits. Precise time-controlled steaming helps keep the vitamins and flavours maintained. The powerful blending blade precisely blends the food into creamy purees for a delicate taste.

Parents are always trying their best to prepare the best for their newborns. They would like to prepare baby food by themselves if time allows rather than have store-bought baby foods with hidden ingredients and preservatives. Steaming is recognized as the best way to maintain nutrients, flavours, and vitamins in the food. This is the number one recommended way for new parents to introduce different healthy natural food to their loved little ones. Let alone it became so easy and quick to achieve with Baby Grow!

Best Gift for Parents of Twins or Triplets

Best Gift for Parents of Twins or Triplets

Baby Grow Elite is great for parents with multiple children
#gifts #giftguide #babygrow #babyfood

Pregnancy is a difficult journey that each mother needs to go through. Daily life gets tougher as the further you are in your trimester. After delivery, the great joy of being new parents will be overwhelmed quickly when they’re busy with baby care. Just a single baby brings a whole lot of troubles to new parents, let alone having twins, triplets, or more. Having twins or triplets is both lucky and unlucky, which their parents will agree with entirely. Double the happiness usually comes along with double the trouble, and the same goes for triplets.

Having been expecting for nine months, new parents finally have their sweet babies in the arms. After giving birth to twins or more, first-time parents are facing a larger and more difficult problem – having to take care of two or three little ones at the same time. It’s not hard to imagine how difficult it is when one is crying and the other one requires your attention as well. Feeding one child is challenging enough but now you must take both of your child’s nutrition into account. How will you make sure your babies get enough nutrition and vitamins? Remember that the ready-made baby foods at the store are never better than homemade purees made by the parents.

We understand that the parents of twin or triplet babies are always too busy to make baby food themselves. With Baby Grow Elite creating homemade baby food is easier than you thought. All you need to do is to cut the ingredients into small pieces, add water into the tank, and set time for steaming. Pour the steamed food back into the device for blending. Then the natural healthy baby food is ready to serve.

Baby Grow Elite is the highest end of the Baby Grow products. It has the largest blending jar in the Baby Grow family. That’s what makes it perfect for families with twins or triplets. We have made some remarkable improvements in the Elite version to make it customized for feeding two or three babies at once. A large-sized steaming basket and blending jar contain more ingredients, while a large water tank requires fewer refills. Preheating time is impressively shortened to 45 seconds! A large, powerful, and precise blade contributes to a consistent, smooth, and delicate blending. The Baby Grow Elite allows more ingredients to be cooked with the adjustable timer that can be set to 30 minutes. Adopting environmental PP and Tritan material, we feel responsible for making it both safe and healthy for baby use.

Although the Baby Grow Elite is a baby food maker first and foremost, however, it does more than that. When you no longer need to use it for making baby food you can use it as a convenient cooking helper. Perfect to use for steaming and heating food, blend ingredients, or quickly defrost frozen meats.

If you are looking to give a gift during a baby shower, consider a gift that the parents will be able to use after the baby stage of their child’s life. Our Baby Grow Elite would be the perfect gift to help the parents with their children as well as post child use.