Best Gift for Parents of Twins or Triplets

Baby Grow Elite is great for parents with multiple children
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Pregnancy is a difficult journey that each mother needs to go through. Daily life gets tougher as the further you are in your trimester. After delivery, the great joy of being new parents will be overwhelmed quickly when they’re busy with baby care. Just a single baby brings a whole lot of troubles to new parents, let alone having twins, triplets, or more. Having twins or triplets is both lucky and unlucky, which their parents will agree with entirely. Double the happiness usually comes along with double the trouble, and the same goes for triplets.

Having been expecting for nine months, new parents finally have their sweet babies in the arms. After giving birth to twins or more, first-time parents are facing a larger and more difficult problem – having to take care of two or three little ones at the same time. It’s not hard to imagine how difficult it is when one is crying and the other one requires your attention as well. Feeding one child is challenging enough but now you must take both of your child’s nutrition into account. How will you make sure your babies get enough nutrition and vitamins? Remember that the ready-made baby foods at the store are never better than homemade purees made by the parents.

We understand that the parents of twin or triplet babies are always too busy to make baby food themselves. With Baby Grow Elite creating homemade baby food is easier than you thought. All you need to do is to cut the ingredients into small pieces, add water into the tank, and set time for steaming. Pour the steamed food back into the device for blending. Then the natural healthy baby food is ready to serve.

Baby Grow Elite is the highest end of the Baby Grow products. It has the largest blending jar in the Baby Grow family. That’s what makes it perfect for families with twins or triplets. We have made some remarkable improvements in the Elite version to make it customized for feeding two or three babies at once. A large-sized steaming basket and blending jar contain more ingredients, while a large water tank requires fewer refills. Preheating time is impressively shortened to 45 seconds! A large, powerful, and precise blade contributes to a consistent, smooth, and delicate blending. The Baby Grow Elite allows more ingredients to be cooked with the adjustable timer that can be set to 30 minutes. Adopting environmental PP and Tritan material, we feel responsible for making it both safe and healthy for baby use.

Although the Baby Grow Elite is a baby food maker first and foremost, however, it does more than that. When you no longer need to use it for making baby food you can use it as a convenient cooking helper. Perfect to use for steaming and heating food, blend ingredients, or quickly defrost frozen meats.

If you are looking to give a gift during a baby shower, consider a gift that the parents will be able to use after the baby stage of their child’s life. Our Baby Grow Elite would be the perfect gift to help the parents with their children as well as post child use.