Back-to-School Tips for College Students Eager to Cook in Dorms

It’s that annual ritual – back to school season! Living away from home in a university dorm can present its own unique challenges. Among these, for some college students, is the predicament of cooking in the dormitory. In college, you’re responsible for managing your own meals daily, which can be a daunting task for those with a penchant for cooking. Given that university dormitories typically lack kitchens, deciding on the appropriate kitchen supplies can be a tough call.

This blog post aims to recommend some dorm-friendly kitchen utensils for college students eager to cook, thus enabling them to realize their dorm cooking aspirations.

How Do College Students Cook in Dorms After Returning to School?

1. Ensure Electrical and Food Safety

Primarily, cooking in the dorm necessitates the use of cooking appliances, requiring you to verify that your dormitory’s voltage can accommodate the voltage and power of the kitchen appliances you intend to use to prevent any electrical short-circuits.

Food safety involves being mindful of potential cross-contamination between ingredients. Always wash your hands before handling ingredients and avoid cutting cooked food on a chopping board contaminated with raw juice. If you’re cooking raw meat, ensure it’s heated to a safe temperature before serving.

2. Choose the Right Tools

Certain kitchen appliances can significantly simplify cooking in a dorm.

• EL-GRILL Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

This electric grill allows for a healthy, hassle-free cooking experience in a college dorm. From breakfast bacon sandwiches to homemade BBQ or fondue, this versatile cooker facilitates quick and easy meal preparation. Its large 4-quart capacity ensures you can cook substantial quantities of food at once, making meal sharing with roommates a breeze.

• Dormify Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker System

This egg cooker consistently delivers perfectly cooked eggs. Whether you’re in the mood for poached, scrambled eggs, or even mini omelets, it has got you covered. It can also be used to steam vegetables, ensuring easy, tasty breakfasts every morning.

• Dormify 6 Can Mini Fridge

A refrigerator is indispensable for cooking. To maintain ingredient freshness, a refrigerator is a must. This stylish and functional mini fridge may be small but it’s sufficient for smaller ingredients and a real space-saver in your dorm room.

• DW50 Portable Dishwasher

This portable dishwasher is an essential for anyone who loves cooking. With five wash programs, it meets your daily needs while consuming less water and energy. Its compact size is ideal for dorm use.

3. Organize Cooking Storage

Consider procuring a large box or basket, ideally with a lid, and designate it as your “kitchen cabinet”. Store some ingredients and tableware inside and keep them well organized. This will ensure they remain mold-free and easy to locate.

Final Thought

Most back-to-school checklists neglect cookware, so hopefully, this blog post will add a touch of culinary color to your back-to-school routine. It’s time to bring some cooking joy to your college life with these back-to-school tips!

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