5 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone You Love


It’s the time of the year again: Valentine’s Day. If you have someone special in your life, it’s time to start thinking about your V-Day gift. What better way to show your love than with a thoughtful and useful gift? Instead of buying flowers and a card that might eventually get thrown away, go the extra mile and pick up a gift your loved one will want to keep longer.

Here are some awesome ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts that will warm the cockles of their hearts. For someone who prefers a useful present to a red rose, these presents will better suit your significant other.

1-For Healthy Food Lover

Many healthy eaters enjoy a morning smoothie or an afternoon protein shake. This Commercial-grade Blender is perfect for any blended concoction your loved one could dream of. With 8 speed settings and a 1500W powerful motor, this blender can take on anything your loved one throw at it. Plus, the 5 pre-programmed settings make it easy to blend the perfect result every time.

A Slow Press Masticating Juicer is also a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for those who enjoy fresh, delicious juice made directly from fruits and vegetables. This powerful machine uses a slow mastication process that gently squeezes every last drop of juice from ingredients, ensuring your loved one gets the most out of every bite and preserving all the natural nutrients for a healthier drink.

2-For Millennials (who allocate less time to cook)

Maybe both your loved one and yourself aren’t particularly confident in your cooking abilities, or just simply don’t want to spend much time on it. In this case, an all-in-one versatile countertop oven can do everything and is a must-have for your kitchen. With 12 preset cooking functions and its convection cooking feature, this powerful oven can get the job done quickly and evenly from roasting to baking

Another multifunctional kitchen appliance is this Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill. It is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal without any fuss. The temperature control is easy to use and cleanup is a breeze. Plus, an add-on Pancake Plate can help your loved one cook various delicious heart-shaped foods for a romantic stay-at-home Valentine’s Day dinner.

3-For Those Who Hate Household Chores

When you brainstorm for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, you may think about how to improve your relationship with this gift. Among all the daily household tasks, dishwashing is the one that causes more relationship distress.

Having a countertop dishwasher at home can make your lives easier. It can keep your loved one far away from messy hands, annoying dish towels, and soapy sponges with ease. This Ventray DW55AD Countertop Dishwasher comes with 5 washing programs and a hygienic air refresh storage function to keep dishes clean and fresh. It is an excellent addition to any kitchen with its compact size. The Air-Dry function quickly dries dishes without waiting long to use them again. While seeing the sparkly silverware, the sweet smile on your loved one’s face will stay longer.

Valentine’s Day hits the time you prove to your loved one that gift-giving is your love language. Since the stakes are high, the pressure is on you to find the absolute best Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one — something thoughtful and non-cheesy. Please accept these curated gift ideas from this list and pick one that is actually worth buying for anyone you love.

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