10 Creative Ways to Use Your Stand Mixer Food Grinder

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10 Creative Ways to Use Your Stand Mixer Food Grinder

A stand mixer is a versatile kitchen appliance that can handle a variety of tasks, including mixing, kneading, and whipping. But did you know that with a simple attachment, you can turn your stand mixer into a powerful food grinder? This attachment opens up a whole new world of possibilities, from grinding your own meat for burgers to making your own fresh pasta or even fresh bread crumbs. In this blog post, we will explore 10 creative ways to use your stand mixer food grinder attachment.

What is a Meat Grinder Attachment?

meat grinder attachment is an accessory that can be attached to a stand mixer or food processor to grind meat and other ingredients.

What Can You Create with a Stand Mixer Meat Grinder?

A meat grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used for several purposes beyond just grinding meat. Here are some common uses for a meat grinder:

1. Grind Meat for Burgers

Grind Meat for Burgers

One of the most popular uses for a stand mixer food grinder attachment is grinding meat. With this attachment, you can grind your own beef, chicken, turkey, or pork to make burgers, meatballs, or meatloaf. Grinding your own meat allows you to control the fat content and ensure that you are using high-quality meat.

2. Make Fresh Sausage

Make Fresh Sausage

With this attachment, you can grind the meat and mix in your desired spices to make your own unique sausage blend, and even use the sausage stuffing funnel to create perfectly stuffed sausages. From breakfast sausage to spicy Italian sausage, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to customize the flavor and texture of your sausage creations to suit your taste preferences.

3. Grind Bread Crumbs

Grind Bread Crumbs

Grinding your own bread crumbs is an easy way to save money and ensure you’re getting the freshest possible ingredients. Simply add some fresh bread cubes to the grinder and you’re good to go.

4. Grind Vegetables for Burgers or Meatloaf

Grind Vegetables for Burgers or Meatloaf

If you’re looking for a way to add more vegetables to your diet, consider grinding them up and adding them to your burgers or meatloaf. With a stand mixer food grinder attachment, you can easily grind up cabbage, zucchini, or mushrooms and mix them into your ground meat for an extra boost of nutrition.

You can also use the Vegetable Slicer Shredder Attachment to slice or shred vegetables.

5. Grind Chicken for Meatballs

Grind Chicken for Meatballs

Making your own meatballs is a great way to control the ingredients and flavors that go into your meals. With a stand mixer food grinder attachment, you can easily grind chicken breasts into a fine texture to make tender and flavorful chicken meatballs.

6. Grind Pork for Meatballs

Grind Pork for Meatballs

Grinding pork using a metal food grinder attachment is a quick and easy way to make flavorful and juicy pork meatballs. Simply remove any excess fat and cut the pork into small pieces before grinding. Mix in your desired seasonings and herbs, shape into balls, and cook to perfection for a delicious and satisfying meal.

7. Grind Seafood

Grind Seafood

With a stand mixer food grinder attachment, you can easily grind seafood like shrimp, scallops, or crabmeat for use in dishes like seafood cakes, burgers, or stuffing. The attachment can create a fine or coarse texture depending on your preference, and the process is quick and easy.

8. Grind Beef for Tacos

Grind Beef for Tacos

Make your next taco night a fiesta with freshly ground beef using your stand mixer food grinder attachment. Spiced just the way you like it, the tender and juicy beef will add a delicious depth of flavor to your tacos. Top with your favorite toppings or fresh garlic and enjoy the homemade goodness!

9. Grind Meat for Hashes

Grind Meat for Hashes

Upgrade your breakfast game by grinding meat for hashes using your stand mixer food grinder attachment. Perfectly ground and seasoned meats add depth and flavor to any breakfast hash. Pair with crispy potatoes and your favorite veggies for a hearty and satisfying morning meal that’s sure to impress.

10. Grind Meat for Ragus

Grind Meat for Ragus

Elevate your pasta game with homemade ragus using freshly ground meat from your stand mixer food grinder attachment. The perfectly ground and seasoned meat will blend beautifully with rich tomato sauce, creating a delicious and hearty pasta dish that’s perfect for any occasion.

What's Included in Ventray SM600 Stand Mixer Meat Grinder Attachment?

What's Included in Ventray SM600 Stand Mixer Meat Grinder Attachment

The Ventray SM600 Stand Mixer Meat Grinder Attachment is sold separately from the mixer itself and includes the following components:

3 Meat Grinding Plates

Choose from coarse, medium, and fine ground meat with three easily interchangeable grinding plates (coarse grinding plate, medium grinding plate, and fine grinding plate/fine plate). Experience the versatility of homemade ground meat, perfect for burgers, meatloaf, meatballs, and more.

2 Sausage Stuffing Tubes + Stuffing Tube Holder + Sausage Stuffer Plate

Choose your preferred size of tube and fill with your own meat mixture for delicious, custom-made sausages. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own sausage creations at home with this sausage maker.

2 Grinding Blades + Food Pusher

These durable blades make grinding meat a breeze, while the food pusher ensures safe and efficient feeding of meat into the grinder. Enjoy homemade ground meat for all your favorite recipes.

Removable Food Tray + Grinder Body + Grind Worm

The large food tray provides a convenient place to hold meat while the grinder body and grind worm work together to grind it to perfection. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of homemade ground meat with ease.

Cleaning Brush

It’s small and easy to use, making it simple to clean the grinding plates and other components. Keep your meat grinder attachment in top condition with this handy cleaning tool.

How Does Meat Grinder Attachment Work?

With the power of the stand mixer, the food grinder attachment can process fresh ingredients easily with speed and efficiency. The food grinder attaches to the power hub of the mixer, making it a convenient tool for any home cook looking to save time in the kitchen.

Ventray Meat Grinder Attachment VS KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment

Both the Ventray and KitchenAid meat grinder attachments are designed to fit onto stand mixers and grind meat for a variety of recipes. Here are some key differences between the two:


The Ventray meat grinder attachment is specifically designed to fit the Ventray SM600 Stand Mixer but is also compatible with all household vertical stand mixers and other mixers that have the same power hub. While the KitchenAid stand mixer meat grinder attachment is compatible with all KitchenAid stand mixers.


The Ventray meat grinder attachment is generally priced lower than the Kitchen Aid stand mixer attachment, making it a more budget-friendly option.

What's the Difference Between Mincing Meat and Grinding Meat?

Mincing meat involves chopping meat into small, fine pieces using a knife or food processor. Grinding meat involves using a meat grinder or food grinder attachment to break down the meat into smaller, consistent pieces by pushing it through a series of blades or grinding plates. The main difference between the two methods is the texture of the resulting meat. Mincing produces small pieces of meat that are often irregular in size and shape, while grinding produces smaller, more uniform pieces with a smoother texture. Grinding is often used for making ground meat, such as for hamburgers or meatballs, while mincing is more commonly used for dishes like stir-fries or meat sauces.

How Do You Clean a Meat Grinder Attachment?

How do you clean a meat grinder attachment

To clean a meat grinder attachment, disassemble it and wash the parts in warm soapy water. Some parts may be dishwasher safe. It’s important to thoroughly clean and dry all parts to prevent bacterial growth.

How Do I Attach the Meat Grinder to My Stand Mixer?

Simply remove the mixer’s attachment cap, insert the grinder attachment, and secure it in place with the locking mechanism. It’s important to ensure a proper fit and alignment to prevent damage to both the mixer and grinder.


In conclusion, a stand mixer food grinder attachment is a versatile tool that can help you take your cooking and baking to the next level. From making your own sausage blends to creating fresh breadcrumbs or stuffing sausage, the possibilities are endless. By exploring the various creative ways you can use this attachment, you can elevate your culinary skills and create unique dishes that are sure to impress your family and friends. So, whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner, consider investing in a stand mixer food grinder attachment to discover the many ways it can enhance your culinary adventures.

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